Ramyun & Chill : Korea's Newest Dating Show 2022 (updated)

Ramyun and Chill is a new Youtube dating show that prides itself on being the first international-Korean dating show. Though it has only released a handful of episodes so far, it is a hit, with the first episode receiving over 500,000 views. Keep reading to learn more about the show and the first two episodes!

Ramyun & Chill

Ramyun & Chill was created by DKDKTV and NAKD SEOUL. It’s a show with humble beginnings that got its start on Kickstarter. However, it is obvious that there were fans from the start, as more than 350 people not only met but exceeded their fundraising goal of $30,000. They created the show with the intention of providing “representation for international couples in Korea.”


The cast features 5 Korean men and 5 non-Korean women from various countries. The participants each have varying levels of English and Korean, respectively. Thus, showing the true diversity of international dating in Korea. Also, a prominent feature of the show is a panel of famous Youtubers that live in Korea. This includes Jin and Hattie, Megan Moon, and Bris (aka BRISxLIFE).

The men are the first to introduce themselves. First, we meet Kyojun, or KJ, a 28-year-old who works in broadcasting and acts. Several of the women were struck by his paleness. Next is Minjae, a 28-year-old doing his master's in A.I. and robotics. There is Chan, a 30-year-old, of Korean age, with various jobs such as "Youtube, selling, and lecturing at school." Next, we meet Dan, a 28-year-old from California pursuing his master's while working in marketing. Finally, in episode 2, we meet Changhak, a 31-year-old personal trainer and fitting model.

The women introduce themselves next. First, we meet 26-year-old Erika from Belgium who is half-Italian and half-Congolese. Next, we meet Tiffany who is 27, soon to be 28, and from Hong Kong. Then, we meet Bella, a 24-year-old Rwandan from South Africa. Next, is Sonja, a Texan that did not mention her age in her introduction. Finally, we meet Sabrina, a 20-year-old from Malaysia.

Episode 1

In the first episode, we meet all the contestants except Changhak. They meet each other. Immediately after meeting each other, the men must pick their favorite girl based on first impressions. Next, the men and women settle into their living quarters. If you're a fan of BTS , you'll notice that this location is the same one featured in BTS In The Soop . This is followed by a quick lunch of ramen and kimbap. Thus, allowing the men and women to interact for the first time.

This is followed by a chance for the women to get to know the man they are most interested in. At the same time, the women choose the man they would like to go on a date with, resulting in a quadruple date since 3 women choose Kyojun. Next, the participants have dinner, and alcohol, together, followed by a talent show. At the end of the talent show, we get a peek at our last male cast member. However, he is revealed in episode 2.

Episode 2

In episode 2, we finally meet Changhak, and the girls are very giddy about his arrival. Minjae & Sabrina, Kyojun & Bella, Chan & Tiffany, Changhak & Sonja, and much to her dismay, Erika is partnered with Dan. The couples then play the Pepero game for a chance for a night to "ramyun & chill." Although Dan and Erika had the shortest Pepero, Erika, and the rest of the women declined the opportunity to ramyun & chill with Dan.

So, the ramyun & chill experience went to the couple with the second shortest piece, Bella and Kyojun. In the ramyun & chill room, we see Kyojun and Bella discuss things like music while enjoying wine. However, as the night goes on, the pair turns off the cameras in the room. So, how the rest of the night passed is a mystery.

The next day, the participants have some leisure time before the day's activities begin. They spend this time chatting, working out, and yearning for Changhak. In the afternoon, the participants can have a lunch date in pairs and freely choose their partners. The chosen pairs end up being Minjae & Sonja, Erika & Changhak, Chan & Sabrina, Bella & Kyojun, and Dan & Tiffany.

After their dates, the women reconvene and discuss their dates. Finally, the participants switch to their swim attire and prepare for the next set of games. The men compete for a chance to ramyun & chill. The winner is Changhak. However, the episode ends before we see who he asks to ramyun and chill.

Episode 3

At the beginning of episode 3, we finally get to see Changhak’s choice. Much to the panel’s surprise, he chose Tiffany. Next, the girls competed for a chance to choose someone to ramyun & chill with. Bella won and, because she couldn’t pick Kyojun 2 nights in a row, she chose Chan. After the competitions, we begin to see Erika’s discontent with not being chosen by the guy she was interested in.

The cast chills by the water and chats. Then the group proceeds to have some fun drinking games and singing karaoke. Chan and Bella go to the caravan ramyun & chill room while Tiffany and Changhak go to the main one. During their time in the ramyun & chill room, we get a chance to speak and we see a bit more enthusiasm from both Tiffany and Changhak.

At the same time, we begin to hear about Erika’s complaints more in-depth. This leads to a bit of a heated discussion between Erika and Dan. Then everyone, except for Tiffany and Chaanghak, parties for the remainder of the episode.

Episode 4

Episode 4 picks up from the previous episode’s party. At the end of the night when everyone is leaving we witness our first on-camera kiss! Sonja and Minjae shared a goodnight kiss as they parted ways. After that, we learn that Tiffany still prefers Kyojun after her night with Changhak. Next is the challenge of the day.

The cast attempts to find cards hidden within the main house to win boat dates. Dan was the first to find a card. After making the girls appeal to him, he ultimately chose Bella for his motorboat date. Tiffany was the next to find a card, so she chose Kyojun for a canoe date.

Bella and Dan had a great time on the motorboat. She even says that she almost chose him to ramyun & chill with the previous night. However, the canoe date gets a bit tense when Tiffany tells Kyojun she doesn't feel he's being authentic. Both Changhak and Sabrina watch the boat dates with envy. Near the end of the episode, we see some more in-depth conversations on land between the two boat couples and a very cute clip of Dan and Bella fishing.

Episode 5

The final episode starts with a mini fashion show at the final dinner. The girls are stunning in all black while the boys wear a bit more of a variety of colors. Then they choose their seats and sit at the table, last supper style, for the last dinner. Next everyone reads letters that they wrote to an undisclosed cast member in front of the group.

Both Dan and Bella wrote very beautiful poems while some people like Tiffany and Erika kept their letters short and sweet. However, the letter reading is interrupted by a clip from earlier in the day. Previously that day, Bella and Erika disclosed what had happened in the ramyun & chill room the first night and the aftermath to Tiffany. This led to Tiffany crying. After the letters, the groups voted for group superlatives for prizes.

For example, Dan won the best letter and most friendly, while Bella won the most unforgettable. The last two questions, however, were couple questions and the reward was a trip to the ramyun & chill room. Sonja and Minjae were voted the couple with the strongest bond, obviously. Then surprisingly, Chan and Sabrina were voted the most deserving couple.

During the voting, Chan continued to insist that Kyojun and Tiffany were the best couple much to the dismay of the “couple”. Erika continued to lament about not being picked by guys. However, we get a sneak peek of some of the guys' thoughts about Erika. In the ramyun & chill rooms, Minjae and Sonja keep it private and romantic while Sabrina and Chan invite the rest of the cast to theirs.

The next day, the men must choose who they would like to leave with. A total of 3 couples left together: Minjae & Sonja, Chan & Erika, and Kyojun & Tiffany. However, 4 cast members were left by themselves: Changhak, Dan, Sabrina, and Bella.

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