NCT DREAM Releases Winter Special Mini Album Candy to Wrap Up 2022

NCT DREAM members for their winter special mini album candy

NCT DREAM is back with their Winter Special Mini Album, 'Candy'! With 'Candy' being the group's third album this year alone, the seven-member group has been busy releasing new music for their fans to enjoy!

NCT DREAM debuted in the summer of 2016 and have gained worldwide popularity with many of their releases since then.

Their latest album 'Candy' includes six winter-themed tracks, with their title track being a remake of idol group H.O.T.'s hit song 'CANDY.'

With this being said, you can find a review of the six tracks off of the 'Candy' album below, so if you are a fan of NCT DREAM or are looking to become one, continue reading to learn more about their Winter Special Mini Album!

Winter Special Mini Album Candy Tracklist

1. Candy (Title Track)

This title track was previously released by the SM idol group H.O.T. in 1996, making ‘Candy’ a Y2K remake of the group’s iconic breakup song.

SM has a knack for keeping their artists relevant, such as releasing S.E.S. hit ‘Dreams Come True’ with their latest girl group Aespa, so rereleasing ‘Candy’ with NCT DREAM was the icing on the cake to wrap up 2022.

With its fresh arrangement and NCT DREAM’s colorful reinterpretation of the original song, they became the only kpop artists to reach 1 million in album sales for three different albums this year, with the ‘Candy’ album reaching this benchmark the fastest out of the three!

NCT members in white coat winter costumes for Candy mini album
@nct_dream on Instagram​​

The official music video has also surpassed 18 million views since being released on December 16th, and you can check it out below!

2. Graduation

This emotional song details what the group has been through together since their debut. Since the members originally had a graduation system, in which they would leave the group after becoming adults, it describes how they can now stay together, having finally “graduated from graduating.”

The track also showcases the whole group’s vocal abilities, with its main rappers executing impressive falsettos and harmonies, making this a song to remember for the group and their fans!

Watch NCT DREAM’s performance of ‘Graduation’ below!

3. Tangerine Love (Favorite)

This funky track is about a sweet love that colors you and warms your heart. ‘Tangerine Love’ shows off the group’s musicality and offers a 2000s-inspired sound to the album, similar to Bruno Mars.

I can only hope there will be a performance that comes with this track, as it perfectly suits the group’s style!

4. Take My Breath

With its cute lyrics and youthful sound, this track makes you feel like you're a teenager again. The song takes you back to when you had a crush on someone but didn't know how to express your feelings to them!

'Take My Breath' also has a Christmassy vibe, and some of the lyrics allude to the winter season, making it a great addition to this winter album!

5. Moon

This ballad-style track is my favorite on the album and showcases the group’s vocal talents while describing a winter love that can “open the door to your heart.”

NCT DREAM members in winter clothes for mini album Candy photo
@nct_dream on Instagram​​

It is one of the more sentimental songs on the album, like ‘Graduation,’ and its instrumentals fit the holiday season the most out of the six tracks on the album!

6. Walk With You

As the last track on the 'Candy' Winter Special Mini Album, 'Walk With You' gives off an electric sound and follows the theme of a new relationship when you are foolishly in love.

This song details the painful waiting that takes place when you want to meet up with someone, which is very on-brand with the rest of the album!

With its lyrics, I picture this song as the plot to a teenage kdrama where the main character is watching the clock tick down while they wait for class to be over so they can go on their date.

Overall, 'Walk With You' closes off the album in a lovely way with its upbeat instrumentals and story-like lyrics.

Here are my rankings from NCT Dream's Winter Special Mini Album, 'CANDY':

  1. Moon

  2. Graduation

  3. Tangerine Love (Favorite)

  4. Candy

  5. Take My Breath

  6. Walk With You

Make sure to let us know which song is your 'Favorite' from NCT Dream's 'Candy' album below!

Have you seen the dance practice for 'Candy' yet? Watch it now!

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