Halloween in Korea: Where To Go and How To Celebrate

Halloween in Korea: Where To Go and How To Celebrate - The Daebak Company

The spooky season is finally upon us! There's never been a better time to visit Korea to experience how Halloween is celebrated in Korea. Let The Daebak Company give you some of the best tips on how to have a hauntingly good time while you're in Korea for Halloween. If you can't make it to Korea for the spooky festivities, Daebak can bring Halloween in Korea right to your doorstep. 

Where Should You Go for Halloween in Korea?

If you're in Korea for Halloween, most people will tell you to follow the crowds for the best place to go. Whether it's a long line to get into a theme park or trying to weed through a large crowd to get to a popular nightclub having a Halloween-themed night, you'll have tons of options to make your Halloween in South Korea, a memorable one. 


If you're looking for a true Halloween experience in Korea, you have to check out the night scene in Itaewon. Halloween in Itaewon, in Seoul, is a world-renowned event.  It is even highlighted in the second episode of Itaewon Class where the main character gets his face painted and has a night out on the town after being reunited with a long-lost friend.

A scene from the Netflix k-drama Itaewon Class.
Image from Hello Kpop​​
A scene from the Netflix k-drama Itaewon Class.
Image from Drama ​​Beans

During Halloween weekend, you can walk down the streets of Itaewon and see makeshift vanities set up where people offer to paint your face or give you gory wounds with special effects makeup to compliment your outfit for the evening.  

Stores, clubs, and restaurants have Halloween decorations up for the entire month of October. You can even find restaurants that feature Halloween food, drink, and dessert menus. At clubs, you will find Halloween-themed drinks in IV bags, syringes, and, cauldrons. 

If the crowds of Itaewon on Halloween seem a bit intimidating, look into going to Hongdae instead which will still be just as lively as the Halloween partying in Itaewon, just not as crowded. 

Nami Island

Nami Island is a gorgeous place to visit, even more so during the fall because of the beautiful scenery filled with autumn foliage. Stroll through Bungalow Row Riverside Path to take in the scenic nature and discover hidden photo spots along the way. Visit the over 300 maple trees planted in Baekpungmilwon Maple Garden and be in awe of the beautiful fall-colored leaves. Gingko Tree Lane is one of the most photographed spots on Nami Island, so definitely give yourself time to get the perfect picture here as there may be a line for the perfect photo spot.

For Halloween, you will see Nami Island subtly decorated with large ghosts hanging from trees and Halloween-themed art installations on some of the grounds. Even the restaurants on the island showcase a Halloween-themed menu during the spooky season.

Autumn foliage on Nami Island in Korea behind a white sign that says Nami Island..
Image from Korea Tourism Organization​​
Autumn foliage on Nami Island in Korea.
Image from Korea Tourism Organization​​

Lotte World Adventure Theme Park

Lotte World Adventure Theme Park holds an annual Halloween event. This year it is called Lotte World Horror Halloween: The Expansion. Catch Lotty's Halloween Party Parade for a family-friendly performance featuring tons of Korean snacks and candies. If you're looking for more of a thrill, check out Lotte World's "Zombie Prison" escape room experience or the "Restricted Area A" performance of a gruesome battle between army soldiers and zombies. 

Everland Theme Park

With Everland being the largest amusement park in Korea, it is a popular choice to visit year after year, especially during Halloween. The entire park is covered with Halloween decorations, hoping for ghouls and goblins, from near and far, to take a visit. 

A jack-o-lantern Halloween decorative display at Everland.
Sign at Everland Theme Park that says "Halloween Wicked" with a jack-o-lantern on top of it.

A kid-friendly festival is held at Everland every Halloween and this year it's called "Happy Halloween." "Happy Halloween" features a "Halloween Wicked Parade" where kids can sit and watch as fun characters ride by on elaborately decorated floats. If you'd rather have anything other than a terrifying time on Halloween, check out Everland's Halloween Infinity Garden. Frolick through the fields of orange marigolds and don't forget to take a picture to remember your visit. End your night with a Night Safar Tram ride where you can witness many of the animals when they're most active. 

The Horror Zone "Blood City 6: Express 199" at Everland.
Image from Samsung​​

A festival held for people who want to feel goosebumps and the hair on the back of their neck standing up is also held every year around Halloween. It is called "Blood City 6: Express 199." It features a horror zone called "Horror Village" as well as popular rides that have been given a bone-chattering Halloween makeover. Pay the extra 10,000 KRW for a walk through the Horror Maze if you want to end up with no voice at the end of the night from all the screaming you'll be doing from being scared. Finish off your hauntingly good time with one of the photo zones where you can take a picture with a giant zombie. 

Daegu E-World Theme Park

If you'll be in Daegu for Halloween, you can have a Halloween theme park experience at Daegu E-World theme park. This year, their Halloween experience is called "BEEBEE's Happy Halloween." Their cast members will be adorned in some of the best-looking costumes as you explore all the thrill rides they have to offer. 

Yongin’s Korean Folk Village

The Yongin Korean Folk Village opens at night for the Halloween season. has a ghost-themed exhibit to explore called The Horror of Ghost Zone. You can watch a performance of people dressed up as popular Korean urban legends and then explore the haunting aura of the village at night.

Flyer for The House of Ghost Zone at the Yongin Korean Folk Village with actors dressed in hanbok and ghostly makeup.
Image from Trazy​​

How Do People Celebrate Halloween in Korea?

Halloween in Korea is less about trick-or-treating and more about having new experiences and a good time while partying hard. With so many options to choose from to enjoy your Halloween in Korea, there's guaranteed to be a fun event for you to take part in whether you want a chill, not-so-scary Halloween or if you'd rather keep the blood-curdling screams coming all night.  

Costume Time

Every year in Korea, there's a popular theme that many people follow to dress up as for their festivities. It will usually align with a popular series or movie that has come out that year. Last year, Squid Game was a popular Halloween costume choice. The Netflix k-drama series Money Heist Korea is a popular choice for Halloween costume inspiration in Korea this year. 

With the anticipation of Squid Game season 2 hanging in the balance, you can definitely still use it as your Halloween costume inspo. Complete your Squid Game soldier look with this Squid Game soldier mask. You can get it in a triangle, circle, or square design. Get your inspiration for another Squid Game costume from this Young-hee Plushie but don’t move when she looks at you while playing Red Light, Green Light.

Pub Crawl

Pub crawls are popular any time of the year in Seoul, but if you want to experience the amazing Halloween party atmosphere that happens all over Itaewon, a pub crawl is a great way to experience the Halloween club scene while getting to meet people from all over the world. Grab a ticket to Absolute’s Seoul Pub Crawl Experience where you’ll get to experience multiple clubs that are decorated for the spooky holiday and include festive Halloween drink menus, as you mingle with a group of international friends and native Koreans just looking to have a fun night.

Daebak Fam Interns Kiara and Gemini in a group picture during a Halloween Pub Crawl in 2019 in Itaewon.
Image from Absolute​​ Seoul Pub Crawl
New friends gathered around a table after taking shots of alcohol at a club Halloween party during a pub crawl in Itaewon.
Image from Absolute Seoul Pub Crawl​​

The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk

Learn about a side of Korea that you may not be familiar with: its ghostlore and urban legends. The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk will take you through dark alleys and hidden passageways as you learn about forgotten bloody massacres and mourning ghosts. The tour guides suggest that you bring comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, an umbrella in the event that you experience a random Seoul downpour, and a change of underwear as you will surely be scared enough to wet your pants by the end of the tour. If you can't make it to Seoul for this spooky walking tour, you can listen to The Dark Side of Seoul podcast which features Korean ghost stories, dark history, and true crime. 

A ghostly picture.

COEX Zombie Run

Grab some friends and go on a midnight Zombie Run at Starfield COEX Mall. When you sign up to participate you'll get a survival kit that includes a name tag, a sticker, gloves, and a life belt with three flags that zombies will try to steal from you as you run the course. If you enjoyed the zombie thriller k-drama All Of Us Are Dead, this is your chance to experience your own zombie survival situation!

A flyer for the 2022 Zombie Run at COEX Mall in Korea.
Image from Zombie Run Korea​​

How Can You Celebrate Halloween at Home with a Korean Spin?

Here at The Daebak Company, we know not all of our Daebak Fam will have the opportunity to visit Korea for Halloween, so we've made it easier than ever to have a little bit of a Korean Halloween shipped right to your doorstep. Whether you're staying in for the night for a thriller k-drama binge night or taking your pets out to a pet costume party, Daebak has all your Halloween needs taken care of.

A Spooky Night In

You don’t have to go out for a night on the town to have an awesome Halloween at home. Grab some friends and put together this Halloween Camping Brick Figure set to keep the spooky times going.

Keep your mind off of the ghouls and goblins that are lurking around outside by munching on some Buldak Samyang ramen snacks, which have a spicy chicken flavor.

Want something hardier with that same fire chicken flavor? Nongshim Shin Ramyun Friend Noodles or Ottogi Hot Ramen are yummy options that you can enjoy with friends while watching scary movies.

If you’re looking for a show to binge-watch on Halloween night, why not watch the korean series Squid Game while enjoying the same ramen that players 001 and 457 share in the show? It’s a classic meal that will put you right in the middle of the show.

Dress Up Your Pets

Don’t leave your furry friends out of the Halloween celebration. Turn them into cute little jack-o-lanterns with this Halloween Costume Cape, or give them a spooky princess look with these Halloween dress capes. Who can resist cute doggos in a Halloween costume?

Halloween Treats

Trick-or-treating is not widely practiced in Korea like it is in America and other western countries but you can still enjoy some tasty Halloween treats and snacks. Explore the awesome Halloween treats Korea has to offer at The Daebak Company.

Keep the vampires away with a pack of these crispy garlic chips. This light and crunchy snack are the perfect pick-me-up before a spooky night on the town.

Looking for a salty snack with a spicy kick to go along with your spicy Halloween costume? Samyang’s Hot Chicken Crab chips will have your taste buds dancing whether you spend your night burning up the dance floor or burning the midnight oil as you have a thriller movie marathon. 

Still getting your treats ready for the trick-or-treaters who will soon be knocking on your door or looking for a way to get your office mates into the spooky vibes of the holiday? Pass out some of these limited edition Bloody Beatles candy. With a burst of cherry cola flavor, you might see a trick-or-treater or your coworker come back around for seconds!

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything all in one to bring to the office or to pass out to trick-or-treaters, this Pumpkin Halloween has an assortment of sweet treats to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Fans of sour candy will love this sour chewing candy. With 80% more sour powder, the packaging shows exactly how these candies will leave you after popping one into your mouth!

Halloween Jelly Jellys are made to be played with! These spider-shaped tattoo gummies come in three different flavors: strawberry, blueberry, and apple. The tattoos themselves can be found on the inside of the packaging! Just enjoy your gummies, cut open the packaging, place the tattoo where you would like it, and just press it onto your skin! You can also add one of the tattoos onto your disposable mask to go with your Halloween costume.

Oreo has always come out with some of the best flavors for different holidays throughout the year and for Halloween, they’ve come out with a citrusy orange cream flavor sandwiched between their classic chocolate cookies. The Oreo cookies feature spooky cartoon designs on one side and on the other it says “trick or treat.”

Chocolate lovers hoping for a yummy chocolate treat to enjoy this Halloween can grab these Ercho Happy Halloween sweets. Get more than one, so you don’t have to share in The Deabak Company's Halloween 2022 collection!

Want to learn more about Korea's spin on Halloween? Check out some more spine-chilling Daebak Magazine articles below! Don't forget to leave us a comment telling us what your Halloween costume is this year and how you plan to celebrate. 


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