Black Friday Sale: Daebak's K-Beauty & Lifestyle Lookbook

Black Friday Sale: Daebak's K-Beauty & Lifestyle Lookbook - The Daebak Company

It’s one of the best weeks of the year! Not only do we get to stuff our faces with great food this Thursday (Thanksgiving), but we will also get to shop for great deals the entire week. Here at The Daebak Company, we have already kicked off this Black Friday season with price reductions on products across all categories.

Here are 6 products within K-Beauty and K-Lifestyle to keep your eyes on.

K-Beauty Items:

1: Daebak Beauty Box - For Breast Cancer Awareness: Our Beauty Box is already a great deal and is a cheap way to get a variety of new K-Beauty products. Now, with this great sale, you can get it at an even lower price! More importantly, a portion of the profits from this season’s Beauty Box will go towards the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation. So, not only do you get to try new beauty products with the Beauty Box, it is now an even bigger steal and helps fund a great cause.

2: TENZERO Deep Aqua Collagen Cream: Now that winter is approaching, we need to pay extra attention to our skin; As it tends to dry up more in harsher weather. With this Collagen Cream, we can ensure our skin is moisturized and protected against the cold, while also enjoying the benefits of brightening and anti-wrinkle. Even better, this product is at a great discounted price -- making it another steal from the Daebak Shop!

3: I'm Sorry for My Skin Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patch: We know, it is hard to sleep adequately every night. Through the years, our eyebags tend to get larger and larger. But the Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patch is a perfect product to help combat that. The product is packed with collagen, which keeps the under-eye area firm and helps combat wrinkles. A great self-care product for all our undereye needs.

K-Lifestyle Items:

1: BT21 BABY My Little Buddy Multi-Pairing Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Set: With an increase of doing things online, we have all started to feel body fatigue from bending over to see our laptops. That’s why this is the perfect time to upgrade your tech setup with this keyboard and mouse set! With your favorite laptop stand, you can now have a BT21 Baby Koya or Chimmy, accompanying you while you work productively and in comfort.

2: (Jungkook's Pick) TEAZEN Kombucha 30 Sticks (50gx3): Remember how this product sold out within a week of Jungkook mentioning it in his V-Live Stream? There’s a great reason for that and it’s that this convenient and healthy product offers so many benefits. It contains 12 types of lactobacillus, which are bacteria that helps gut health and promotes overall health. In addition, it tastes great and is convenient to carry around in its stick powder form. 

3: LIFLA Moringa Forest Soy Candle (SHINEE Taemin's Favorite): Now that winter season is approaching, a candle would be the perfect thing to have around. The Moringa Forest Soy Candle gives off a great relaxing scent that is perfect for winding back with a nice hot chocolate. Because the candle is also soy, it takes longer to burn and lasts longer. Also, a perfect item to gift to your loved ones as it gets colder and gloomier.  

From Collagen Eye Patches to TEAZEN Lemon Kombucha, The Daebak Company has great sales going on that will allow you to shop Korea’s current trending products at great low prices (that won’t last long)! So stock up on these products and treat yourself this Black Friday Season!

Written by Kaitlin

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