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It’s back-to-school season for college and university students. Move-in day on campus can be hectic with getting everything into your new room, saying goodbye to family, and the general buzz everyone has been so excited to meet new friends during this new school year.

Make sure you have the dorm essentials you need to have a cozy dorm room to hang out in when you’re not in class.

What Do I Need for My Dorm Room?

When deciding what to bring in anticipation of moving into your college dorm room, it’s easy to forget some of the dorm room essentials that you have back home.

There are lots of lists floating around the internet about college dorm essentials, but they often forget to mention some of the creature comforts that make your room at home so comfortable.

College Dorm Essentials

Ready to show off your love for BT21 as you prepare your college dorm essentials list for a new school year?

Let The Daebak Company help you grab room décor, tech devices, and apparel to make your dorm room your home away from home.

Room Décor

Room décor is the perfect way to show off your personality in your room while making it a place that you’ll actually want to spend your time when you’re at college.


Army! If you’re looking for a way to show off your BTS bias in a cute way that adds a bit of charm to your dorm room, get this BT21 minini Face Rug of the BT21 Korean character that corresponds with your favorite member.

Let this soft rug greet your new college friends at the entrance of your dorm room, or put it beside your bed so that you have a warm place for your feet to land when you get up in the morning. A good rug is one of the college dorm room essentials that you may not think about but can help you a lot.

Hanging Pocket Organizer

You can never have too much storage in your dorm room. Use the BT21 BABY Hanging Pocket Organizer to keep your school supplies organized. Keep your supplies accessible by hanging your organizer near your desk with this freshman dorm essential. 


Give yourself a cute and soft place to rest your head when you’re in your dorm binging Netflix by getting this BT21 minini Petit Cushion or a BT21 minini Flat Cushion. Sleep is always vital for every student's learning, so don't be afraid to one or more of your best BT21 pillows to your dorm room essentials list.


Tech has become a huge part of our lives without most of us even thinking about it.
As a college student living in the dorms, technology will become your lifeline for education. It will also be important for staying connected with family and friends.

Daebak will make sure you’re not scrabbling to find a phone charger or wishing you brought your everyday tech devices from your room back home. Make sure to include these items in your college dorm list essentials!

Wireless Stand Charger

Chargers are always part of the dorm essentials for freshman list! With no cords getting in the way of your study area, you can keep your phone nearby as it charges on this BT21 BABY Fast Wireless Stand Charger

This stand also comes with a mirror that you can use for quick makeup touch-ups. It even has a nice pocket in the back of it to organize your pens and pencils.

Multi Cable Pouch Set

Need an on-the-go charger you can take with you on the way to class, or the library, or hang out with friends on campus?

The BT21 BABY Multi Cable Pouch Set comes with a silicone pouch with your choice of BT21 character on it that holds the multi-cable set. The multi-cable set comes with a lightning cable, USB C cable, and a Micro USB cable, a perfect addition to your list of dorm essentials.

Grab two of these so you can leave one in your dorm for those times when you can’t find a charger or your usual one stops working.


Humidifiers are great for encouraging better sleep, helping to prevent colds, and preventing dry skin. The BT21 Baby Jelly Candy humidifier is shaped liked a mini tv with your favorite BT21 character sitting inside of it.

It is wireless, so it can sit on your desk while you study. It is also a mood light that you can use as a nightlight. Just fill it with water; the humidifier will help moisturize the air, making it one of the essentials for dorm room that you can use any time!


Uni dorm essentials that will help you with precision and productivity while doing your college coursework is the BT21 minini Multi Pairing Wireless Mouse. Pair your mouse with a BT21 minini Mouse pad or get a longer one that you can also place your keyboard on as well.

Bluetooth Speaker

In need of a random dance party to shake off the stress that is college? The BT21 Turntable Bluetooth Speaker allows you to connect your phone to it so you can play your favorite songs. Add this to your university dorm essentials to play your favorite study or dance songs!

Hopefully, your roommate doesn’t mind your BTS playlists..

Dorm Wear

Lounging around your dorm with friends is how you’ll make so many of your memories at college. Let your dorm wear be the least of your worries and be part of your dorm life essentials by having The Daebak Company outfit you in comfy apparel.


Let these sleepy BT21 characters rest on your head with the BT21 Dreaming Doll headband while you put your hair up for bed time or when it’s time to remove your makeup. You can also add the headband for your dorm bathroom essentials!

It has an elastic band that is sure to fit your head securely and has a fluffy texture, so it’s comfortable to wear.


Whether it’s footwear for the shower or to walk around your dorm room, slippers are a great option to have neatly tucked under your bed so you can use them when you need to. You need a good pair for your room and bathroom dorm essentials.

Choose your favorite BT21 character when grabbing a pair of BT21 minini Tiny Slippers. These slippers are soft, lightweight, and one of the perfect essentials for dorm life for slipping on when lounging around in your door room.

Want a fuzzier option for slippers? These BT21 Chacha Padded Winter shoes are perfect to keep your little toesies warm.

Pajama Pants

Whether you use these BT21 minini woven pajama pants for bedtime after a long day of class or as part of your outfit of the day because you’re running late for class, you’ll be comfy and cute.

Choose from purple or yellow. Be prepared for your classmates and roommates to ask who the Korean characters on your pants are!


College cafeteria food can be pretty hit or miss, no matter your school. Some days you can’t even find time to make it to the café to eat, so make sure you have everything you need in your dorm kitchen essentials so that you can still enjoy yummy treats when you get hungry.


Don’t use your college textbooks as coasters for your early morning coffee or late-night energy drinks. Use this BT21 Summer Sky Acrylic Coaster to catch the condensation from your beverages. You need the best dorm food essentials to prevent your books from becoming your dining items.

The glittery coaster can also be used as a small jewelry dish to place your everyday accessories when you take them off for the day.


Staying hydrated is important to maintain good health, but even more so after a long night of partying with friends. Use this BT21 mini Figure Straw Ice Tumbler as your go-to water bottle.

Kitchen Glove

Whether you have a personal kitchen in your dorm or a communal one that you use with everyone else living on your floor, don’t get caught trying to grab hot food out of the microwave without this BT21 minini Kitchen Glove.

The only thing you should be burning is the midnight oil to get your schoolwork done in time, not your hands from trying to enjoy your late-night cravings. So keep your hands safe with one or two of these dorm cooking essentials.

3 Things You Didn’t Realize You Needed!

Rolling Stamp

You’ll get mail at college, and it’s always a good rule of thumb to cover your personal details before you throw away mail that you’re done looking at.

Use this BT21 minini Rolling Stamp to cover up the personal info on your mail and packages that you receive. The cute postal package design will be a great addition to your BT21-themed desk.

Stress Ball

College is beyond stressful with all the assignments, tests, and expectations of receiving good grades. Keep your stress in check by using these BT21 minini Stress Balls.

Take a few breaths while squeezing your favorite BT21 character, and remind yourself that you’re doing a great job. Include stressballs in your dorm essentials checklist to help ease your stress levels.


Grabbing coffee from the campus coffee shop can become quite expensive when you find yourself going every day.

Save yourself a walk across campus and time by getting these BT21 Dark Stick Coffees. Eight sticks of Guatemalan dark roast coffee come in a pack.

Just stir into a hot mug of water until the coffee reaches your desired concentration. Pour over ice afterward if you prefer iced coffee. Once you use the coffee end of the stick, you can use the top as a BT21 character bookmarker!

College is an incredible time to learn new things, make new friends, and discover your true self. Enjoy showing off your true self as you decorate your room with all these fun and colorful BT21 dorm essentials.

Looking for more ways to get yourself prepared for the new school year? Check out The Daebak Company for Korean snacks and school supplies.

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