Our Guide To: Enjoying Cherry Blossoms in Korea 2022

Our Guide To: Enjoying Cherry Blossoms in Korea 2022 - The Daebak Company

Hey Daebak Fam! Spring has finally sprung which means we can get excited for cherry blossom season! Here are some fun ways to enjoy cherry blossoms in Korea 2022. 

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Cherry Blossom festivals and spots in Korea Seoul

Cherry blossoms can be found throughout Korea, and there are many festivals where people can gather and admire the blossoming flowers. One very notable festival is the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is boasted as the largest and most famous cherry blossom festival in the nation. Cherry blossoms line the roads which creates a tunnel-like effect along the railroads for Gyeonghwa Station. In addition, this festival also has treats inspired by the flower; they sell cakes in the shapes of cherry blossoms which are stuffed with a pink filling that is made from red bean paste and cherry blossom flavorings. Another festival worth checking out is the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is a popular destination for friends and loved ones to go out and enjoy music and also take in the beautiful scenery. In fact, from the lake there are even views of Lotte World which also has cherry blossoms budding around the amusement park. 

Cherry Blossoms at the Convenience Store

Cherry Blossoms convenience store items in Seoul

Another unconventional place to indulge in cherry blossoms is at convenience stores. Yes, you read that right. There is a whole world of cherry blossom inspired goodies to explore on every corner of the street. Have you ever wondered what a cherry blossom burger would taste like? Well now you can! During the cherry blossom season, you can find pink burgers with cherry blossom buns which can be paired with a refreshing can of cherry blossom soda. It even comes in various versions, as such the cherry blossom grape-ade. If you are looking for a lighter snack, these stores have you covered too! There is cherry blossom popcorn and even honey butter chips that are cherry blossom edition. When they first came out, honey butter chips were all the craze. So much so that it was extremely difficult to get your hand on a bag of them due to the shortage. Now, you even find cherry blossom inspired ones in the spring. 

Cherry Blossoms at Starbucks

Cherry Blossom collection at Starbucks Korea 2022

What better way to ring in the spring than to celebrate cherry blossoms Starbucks style? With cherry blossom season underway in Korea, Starbucks has launched its highly-anticipated second collection of cherry blossom inspired food, drinks, and even merchandise! For instance, there is a cherry blossom chocolate cake added to the menu for a limited-time. There are also different types of mugs, cups, and tumblers all with different cherry blossom designs and patterns on them. Some Starbucks’ in Korea even offer umbrellas and coasters to keep both us and the tables dry. If you want to cherish the cherry blossoms, you can even get gift cards and loyalty cards that have cherry blossom designs as well. 

There are so many diverse ways to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Korea. Is there something you’d like to try or experience? Let us know in the comments below! Also, Daebak Fam be sure to check out more spring-related content and products on the Daebak website!

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