Pink, Pink, and Even MORE Pink Valentine's Day Snacks 😍

Pink, Pink, and Even MORE Pink Valentine's Day Snacks 😍 - The Daebak Company

Is Valentine’s Day the cutest holiday ever? I would like to present the case that it is, yes. Why? Two words: pink everything!

While many seize the opportunity to get their romance on come February 14, I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving on my friends and family. And there’s only one way to show how much you appreciate someone: food. More specifically, a boatload of snacks!

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, expect pink everything! So, here are our favorite pink-packaged snacks to round out any Valentine’s Day gift—romantic, platonic, whatever—in the most delicious way possible!

Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Ramen

Nothing screams passion and romance more than running to chug milk with your loved ones, am I right? While the Samyang Carbo Spicy Chicken Ramen is notorious for being intimidatingly spicy, the packaging is absolutely adorable and exactly what any Valentine’s Day gift needs! Be warned, it will put a different kind of fire in your loved one’s belly, if you know what I mean!

Petitzel Sweet Pudding Strawberry

Petitzel Strawberry-Flavored Sweet Pudding is the key to taking any breakfast, lunch, second lunch, or dinner to the next level, thanks to its pretty-in-pink packaging and even prettier-in-pink strawberry pudding. The single-serve cups will make your germaphobe loved ones feel seen, heard, and appreciated, because this creamy delicacy is too small to share!

Butter Caramel Pringles

Not going anywhere this Valentine’s Day? Then stock up on Butter Caramel Pringles, and fast! Because this flavor of Pringles is both sweet and salty, it’s the only snack you need to Netflix and chill (and by chill, we mean just chill!) all night long!

Nongshim Honey Twist Snack

I may not know your friends or family, but I think it’s safe to assume that bowls and bowls of Honey Twists is all they really want sitting next to a handmade card. Not only is the crinkle-cut shape of this snack fun in more ways than one (We believe in playing with food!), the darker pink of the packaging is perfect for your loved ones who prefer a sophisticated hue, no matter what day of the year it is.

Strawberry Choco Pie

While choco pies are a snack for every occasion, the strawberry-flavored version reigns supreme on Valentine’s Day. The pink ooey-gooeyness of the strawberry filling, and the pink of the packaging, fit February 14’s theme with flying colors! Choco pies are also the best snack to stock up on if you have a million friends you love and adore. Buy a bunch of these and start handing them out elementary-school style—they’re what everyone wants and deserves.

Malang Cow Chewy Candy Strawberry

Malang Cow candies are arguably the most grammable snack around! Pastel princes and princesses, friends with an insatiable sweet tooth, or even that flat lay enthusiast you know and love will accept this milk-based candy with open arms—and an open camera app on their phone! They’re just that cute.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fever Guys Fam! We pink you! 💕

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