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Red Fiesta (2020 Edition)

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- It has a Special Glitter Flex that has never seen before.
- It consists of lip tint, gloss, and glitter shadow.

Product Details
FI01 - the color you want to use again
FI02 - a transparent gloss that creates voluminous lips as if covered with a water film containing sparkle glitter.
FI03 - a maximum glitter to maximize sparkle

FI01 & FI02
- Take out the contents enough to use and apply lightly along the lip line.

- Apply an appropriate amount of the contents around the eyes that need to be shiny.

- If you mix and match the Fiesta series in various ways, you can create a more colorful look.
- After applying FI01, applying FI02 again, and then put the FI03 glitter on the center of the lips for a more gorgeous glitter makeup look.

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