The Sea is Fine - Daebak
The Sea is Fine - Daebak

The Sea is Fine

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[an earring needle]
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?? Happy_Unbirthday Happy birthday to you.??
- That day, the night sea we were together was cool and the water was cold.. What is the wave like?, 
The day when I was stamping my feet and playing with things., I will never forget the day when I sat on a small van and talked to the stars.. If you float up the sea, you float up, As you are doing well 
I hope you'll always be fine there..

?? quality of the material- silver needle

??Service earring for purchases over 50,000 won 

??  hand-made goods
Production site demand time total2-5It'll take a while.!

?? If you have any questions or questions, 
If you send me a message, I'll give you an answer.!??

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