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Jeju Otia Green Tangerine Tea

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Introducing Jeju Otia Green Tangerine Tea, made from pesticide-free green tangerines. It has a mild yet refreshing tangerine flavor. Since it is in a teabag, you can enjoy it easily during the summer without having to remove the tangerine peel. You can also enjoy a richer flavor, taste, and color because it has a higher transmittance than a normal tea bag.

You can drink it many times! In particular, the second brew is the most fragrant. Each triangle tea bag can be brewed up to 3 to 4 times.

What's Inside

  • Component: (1) Jeju Otia Green Tangerine Tea
  • Size/Capacity: 54g [(1.5g x 11 teabags) x 3 pouch]

 Jeju Otia Green Tangerine Tea

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