Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie (1+1) - Daebak
Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie (1+1) - Daebak

Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie (1+1)

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Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie is a pie full of the savory taste of its own recipe called 'Omegi', the chewy texture of glutinous rice, and the scent of mugwort.

Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie is a combination of Jeju's self-made glutinous rice, domestic glutinous rice, and mugwort. Omegi rice cake itself is delicious, but eating it as a pie gives you a luxurious taste in your mouth. You can feel the chewy texture of soft cookies and glutinous rice with just one bite! Enjoy Jeju Island's representative food, Omegi Mochi Pie, anytime, anywhere.

What's Inside

  • Component: (1+1) Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie
  • Size: 280g (20g x 14 pcs)

Jeju Omegi Mochi Pie (1+1)

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