School 2021 OST Album - Daebak

School 2021 OST Album

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Expected release date is February 21, 2022.

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Each album includes 

  • Out Sleeve
  • Digipack
  • Photobook - 100p
  • CD-R



01. Dream On [나고은 (퍼플키스)]
02. 좋은걸 어떡해 [미미 (오마이걸)]
03. 겨울꽃 [솔라 (마마무)]
04. 내가 많은 걸 바라는 게 아니잖아 [서인영]
05. My Way (Prod. 윤민수 of VIBE) [포맨 (4MEN), David Yong] (TITLE)
06. 멍하니 [수안 (퍼플키스)]
07. 결국 너 [이건우 (JUST B), 배인 (JUST B)]
08. 그런 맘 [로즈아나 (Rosanna)]
09. Sky High [최민창, 박성진]
10. Sky Love [최민창]
11. Jw Guitar [박성진, 최민창]
12. Autumn [박성진, 최민창]
13. Jw Comic [박성진, 최민창]
14. Family [최민창]
15. Luv Guitar [박성진]
16. Where I am [최민창]
17. Aggressive [최민창, 박성진]

School 2021 OST Album

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