Cats, Dogs, and ... Sheep? Inside Seoul's "Thanks Nature" Café

Cats, Dogs, and ... Sheep? Inside Seoul's

We've all heard of the various animal cafés in Seoul - there are dog cafés, cat cafés, raccoon cafés and ... a SHEEP café? Yes, you heard that correctly. In the middle of vibrant Hongdae, "Thanks Nature Café" is home to two of the most polite, well-behaved sheep on the planet, and their names are William and Benjamin. I'm obsessed. Not only is the menu full of tasty, insta-worthy drinks and desserts, but the entire environment sparks joy with its sheep-themed decor.

Thanks Nature Café

I ordered the strawberry smoothie 딸기 스무디, and as delicious as it was, the sheep were the real stars of the show. They normally stay in their own pen outside, but my friends and I were lucky enough to be there on a day when their handler allowed them inside the café itself. As we waited for our drinks, we were surrounded by the pleasant "indoor/outdoor" aesthetic of the café, as the seating area is themed like a garden terrace.

About halfway through finishing our drinks, we decided that it was time to meet the sheep. We went into their pen area, which has benches, but we decided to forgo that luxury and sit on the floor with William and Benjamin for most of our time there. A few other café-goers were taking photos from outside the gate, but when we asked the sheep-keeper if we could come inside, he enthusiastically motioned for us to enter. I will be honest, all the attention from their adoring fans is probably overwhelming for these two fluffy friends, but they maintained a very calm composure. However, my friends and I did pass by the café after closing time on another occasion, and these sheep had the zoomies after dark, and they were frolicking freely.

I had some friends who went to this café on another occasion, and they, unfortunately, did not find it as incredible as I did. Animal cafés are not for everyone, but if you think they are for you, I would definitely recommend this location. The highlight of my experience here was definitely seeing the sheep enter the café, and observing the loving, fatherly nature the sheep-handler has for these two. When they exited their pen and jumped through the gate opening, one of them got stuck for a moment - it was the cutest thing ever. Check out the videos below!

You don't have to wait to come to Korea to enjoy these adorable, fluffy friends! As all members of the BTS Army know, LINE FRIENDS has collaborated with the award-winning group to create a collection of characters called "BT21." These characters are adorable, and one of them (RJ, aka Jin/"Worldwide Handsome") is a sheep. You can get your hands on these products from The Daebak Company website!

W&B Jumping
W&B Snacking
W&B and their Sheep-keeper