DPR Calls Out for Someone with New Album, 'Is Anybody Out There?'

DPR Calls Out for Someone with New Album, 'Is Anybody Out There?'

From dropping the teaser one day and releasing the new album only a couple of days later, Is Anybody Out There? is the surprise nobody saw coming but still enjoyed. DPR gave fans the meaning of what it's like to feel left out and yet still prosper in the end. With a variety of electronic beats, singing, rapping, instrumentals and just about anything else you can imagine, this album has everything and more you could expect from the crew.

Dream Perfect Regime was the crew behind the newly released music video for the song “Legacy.” The video shows the rapper, Hong Da- bin, in a spaceship in outer space. Filling your ears with heavy beats from the start, the crew really knew how to hold in anyone. As if being in space isn’t scary enough it seems as if DPR Live faces trouble as the lights inside the ship start flashing bright red and Da-bin’s voice breaks through with just as much intensity. The lyrics play along nicely with the video as they both display the rapper going through some troubles but still fighting through, to get to the end and leave behind a legacy that's uniquely his own.

Potential, if you’re going to lose, why would you do that?
Neat plan, excluded here put on my jetpack.
Why do you keep rapping? I really don’t understand
Honestly it’s for you bro, just get back

The album consists of eleven tracks and each one is uniquely DPR. Although there is the option of jumping to whichever track you please, the story behind the album best unfolds as you listen to the album in order. Such as the intro, “Here Goes Nothing,” mainly spoken verses turn into a song, with symphonic beats that increase in pitch as you get deeper into it and slowly blend into the next track “Geronimo!” without you even noticing. The aforementioned track fills your ears with heavy bass beats that make you feel as if you’re floating throughout space. Being grateful for the lows because without them there are no high’s, this song is a good message for everyone to keep in mind that even bad things shall pass too.

“To Whoever” is quite similar to the intro song “Here Goes Nothing.” In which the song also takes the form of spoken verse in the first part of the song. It’s in this section of the song that DPR gives listeners insight as to what his life was before Dream Perfect Regime came along. Although having gone through some struggles not understandable to him, he’s now where he is because of them. If you’re currently facing some struggles that even to you seem confusing then “Out Of Control” puts those emotions into words. Knowing that these emotions make you feel like screaming it out, the song lets you know that it’s okay to just do that and feel everything out.

“Disconnect” lets you know that sometimes it's okay to just, disconnect and do things on your own. This groovy based song uplifts your spirits and has you forgetting all your worries for a couple of minutes. “S.O.S” is the song perfect for those moments in which you wanna drop everything and simply go beyond what’s expected of you. A song that makes you feel like running away into your own paradise. It's more like a reality check or a call to action to do what you want because that's what really matters.

If you’re looking for a romantic break in the album then songs “Oh Girl” and “Kiss Me” do just that. In which a romantic interest is involved however, it's not someone else but more so oneself. Learning to accept yourself for who you are, seems to be the underlying message in both of them as we need to learn how to appreciate ourselves for who we