Playlist: Welcome to the World of Web Dramas

Playlist: Welcome to the World of Web Dramas

Playlist is a YouTube based web drama production company. Established in 2017, they hit is big with their first web drama called Love Playlist, which was a success. Currently boasting 2.51M subscribers on YouTube, they have gone onto produce more quality web dramas. Moreover, they have a sub-channel called Playlist Global where videos are supplied with English subtitles to accommodate international fans like us.

  • Love Playlist

Playlist’s first web drama, "Love Playlist," proves its continuous popularity with four seasons out on YouTube. This drama is about university students and their life as they transition from being in their early 20s to mid 20s. From dating and becoming a CC (Campus Couple), to being involved in club activities, to MTs, to struggling to balance time between part-time jobs and schoolwork, to concerns over the future, to men's required military service, this drama details the ups and downs of university students as they engage in diverse interactions and shape their future.

  • A-TEEN

"A-TEEN" is one of Playlist’s high teen dramas. The drama tells the stories of a group of high schoolers who transition from their teens to their twenties together. Moreover, viewers are able to grow with the characters and grow familiar with the different characteristics of each high schooler in the group.

  • Just One Bite

An interesting combination of food and drama, "Just One Bite" details the typical image of best friends in Korea and their time spent together that involves going to mat-jip, or popular restaurants and cafes. This web drama focuses on the value of friendship and is especially perfect for those in their 20s.

  • The Best Ending

"The Best Ending" is a web drama about couples in their 20s and 30s and their look towards marriage and the future. Depicting the difficult reality couples face, it explains the pressure they face to get married by others and the additional pressure of steep marriage expenses. Moreover, the drama focuses on one set of long-term couples and another set of short-term couples, adding variety to the plot.

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