Podcast 101: DIVE Studios Expands Its Podcast Family

Podcast 101: DIVE Studios Expands Its Podcast Family

Have you checked out K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam yet? Whether or not you have checked out his podcast, let’s chat about the company that got his podcast up and running! DIVE Studios has a variety of different podcasts that tailor to its own vibe, sound, and uniqueness. For all different kinds of personalities, they offer at least one podcast that will suit your tastes!


Based in Los Angeles and Seoul, DIVE Studios was created in 2019 by Eric Nam’s brothers, Brian and Eddie Nam. Since its creation, they have created six podcasts and recently released Hwaiting, a show partnered with Facebook Watch that entertains viewers with K-pop crossover collaborations of artists playing weird and silly games against each other!

Knowing their brother’s talents of hosting and networking with some of the most famous people within and outside the world of K-pop, Eddie and Brian had a great segue into DIVE Studios’ creation. The first podcast was K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam, which focuses on K-pop content. Nam also hosts the studios’ fifth podcast, I Think You’re Dope, in which he brings in guests he admires, is inspired by, and who he finds to be dope! This particular podcast features Nam and his guests carrying out entertaining and fascinating conversations on a variety of topics! Check to see if someone you think is dope has been on Nam’s show!


After the success of K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam, DIVE introduced their second podcast, The Tablo Podcast. Hosted by Tablo of Epik High, it’s the show that listeners never thought they needed! As a dad, rapper, writer, guru, and just in general, a human being; he entertains listeners with his dark humor, sarcasm, and intellectual curiosity. While his podcast episodes are funny, relatable, and random most of the time; they always come full circle with advice he gives and the heartfelt stories behind topics that could on the surface seem only entertaining.


DIVE’s third podcast was What Would Jamie Do?, hosted by K-pop idol Park Jimin, who also co-hosted After School Club. This particular podcast is upfront, straightforward, and all in your face! Jamie gives her honest opinions and advice to people who are in “sticky” situations. Whether it be dating, bullying, or friendship problems, Jamie will spill the deets on her perspective of the situation and try to help that person in need. At the end of the day, Jamie will make you feel like she has your back!


The fourth podcast, Cheers to What’s Next, does not have a host. It’s specifically for artists who want to share the story of their life journey and career path with viewers. It definitely gives a unique and biographical feel of learning about the artist. Getting to know these artists through their heartfelt stories, relatable experiences, and dreams for their future will give listeners an honest look at what these artists are about, have been through, and who they want to become.


The most recent addition to the DIVE Studios family is How Did I Get Here w/ Jae of Day6. This is DIVE’s sixth podcast in less than a year of being in business! Park Jae from the Korean rock band DAY6 hosts this podcast that seems to focus on what we find on the internet. It explores how we can both positively learn from it and/or leave with the feeling of “Should I have learned that?” or “Am I smarter for knowing this?” How Did I Get Here will make you laugh, think, and keep you on your toes from wanting to know Jae’s perspective on some of the most interesting questions and facts we find on the internet!


For a company that is not even a year old, DIVE has grown tremendously in ratings, views, and expansion of its podcast family. The great thing about DIVE is their ability to create unique content that fits with their hosts by allowing their creators to do what they want to do. It’s awesome to see the growth of a company that really wants to build a community and for its creators to connect and inspire their viewers!

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Written By Jenna Tokioka