Two Korean Dance Studios to Learn From, Watch, & Follow

Two Korean Dance Studios to Learn From, Watch, & Follow

What does music, dancing, and having fun all have in common? These three things bring people together and create an atmosphere of synergy that can be like no other! Without music, there is no dancing. Without dancing, there is no fun. While everyone around the world is living through uncertain times, picking up a new hobby, finding a new way to workout, or finding a way to connect with oneself or others can be through the art of dance.

Here are two top Korean dance studios to learn from, watch, and follow!

1MILLION Dance Studio

1MILLION Dance Studio is a highly well-known dance studio in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. This dance studio has over 21.4 million subscribers on YouTube and over 5 billion views of their videos combined! Choreographers at this studio are featured in magazines, have collaborated with fashion wear, and have many followers on their social media pages. 1MILLION invites all dancers of different skill levels to join. 1MILLION’s website can be navigated in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

1MILLION is known for its diversity in music and well-rounded choreographers. This video of May J Lee’s choreography to Worth it by Fifth Harmony is their most viewed video, which has reached over 165 million views! From May J Lee, the dancers, the coordination of outfits, and the well-lit dance studio, the video quality and quality of content is entertaining and would probably make you want to learn how to dance!

1MILLION is also well known for its Hip-Hop choreography. This dance studio has covered songs from old school Hip-Hop to new school Hip-Hop in both English and Korean. Even the dancers that are filmed, alongside the choreographer, are repping the old school and the new school looks fashion-wise. The ambiance based on the lighting and production of the video helps set the mood even more along with the choreography. What is special about 1MILLION is their dedication to making everyone feel included and creating a bond over the common interest of dance.

As 1MILLION is known by many around the world, it is entertaining and a gift when famous idols or celebrities from overseas visit the studio and even dance with choreographers and dancers in the studio! A special surprise for 1MILLION dancers, choreographers, and fans was Jason Derulo’s visit to the studio. Not only did he visit, but he danced alongside choreographer Mina Myoung and students of the class.

Viva Dance Studio

Viva Dance Studio is another well-known dance studio in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. Viva has over 2.18 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and over 348 million views of its videos combined! This dance studio has classes that can range from beginners to professionals. On their website, Viva states, “It is a place where anyone can easily experience and realize their dreams by presenting a systematic education and a balanced perspective with an in-depth approach to dance.”

Viva Dance Studio’s most viewed video is choreography by Jane Kim for the song, BOOM by Tiësto & Sevenn. This video has over 51 million views and is choreographed in a big group to a group of three. Whether it was the bigger group or smaller group, this choreography hit hard because of the amazing dancers and Jane’s high intensity when it came to delivering the choreography with such demeanor.

What sets Viva apart from other channels is their ability and determination to use outdoor and indoor settings and having the dancers dress their part in covering a K-pop idol group choreography! Even the thumbnails of videos are highly detailed to look like the idol groups concept photos. Viva does a great job of providing education and experience to dancers and choreographers who are seeking to dance professionally.

Viva Dance Studios' ambiance of lighting, props, and clothing can set the mood for the song and choreography. In their dance cover of BTS’ Not Today, even the beginning of the video is set to seem like the beginning of BTS’ music video. It is amazing to see their determination to learn their challenging choreography, but it is important to note how happy and enthusiastic the dancers look while dancing.

Any of these videos catch your eye? Want to learn how to dance or challenge yourselves to learning choreography? Subscribe and follow these dance studios Instagram and YouTube accounts!