YouTube Vlogging Adventures with Kenny! (Koo Kyo Ik)

YouTube Vlogging Adventures with Kenny! (Koo Kyo Ik)

Ever feel the need to watch a funny or random video on YouTube to change up the mood? What about watching a vlogger that is not afraid of being themself on camera? What if the vlogger is Koo Kyo Ik (구교익)? That’s right everyone! Koo Kyo Ik, also known as Kenny, has created his own YouTube channel, 교익 Kenny dedicated to vlogging! Most of his videos have English subtitles and he is letting people volunteer to translate his videos. Sometimes Kyo Ik responds to comments made on his videos and will respond in Korean and English! Along with his first video that he posted on June 06, 2020, Kyo Ik has been updating his Instagram profile more frequently and even debuted his first IGTV content for his birthday vacation.

Don’t know who Koo Kyo Ik is? Kyo Ik is a model and actor in South Korea. While most of Kyo Ik’s profession has been modeling, he is probably most known for his appearance on “Cool Kiz on the Block”; a variety show on KBS that brought celebrities together to learn and compete in a new sport. “Cool Kiz on the Block” did a season on the sport of volleyball. Due to Kyo Ik’s experience playing volleyball and appearing as a competitor in later episodes, the production team decided to add Kyo Ik to the official roster and play alongside the other celebrities on the Cool Kiz team. Kyo Ik also appeared in the television dramas, “Miracle That We Met” and “My One Only”.

While there are many vlogging videos to watch on YouTube, what set’s Kyo Ik apart from other vloggers is his natural ability to be himself on camera. Kyo Ik not only shares his daily routines, but he shows his everyday life and the decisions he makes in aspects that some, if not all fans of his, were wondering about. Kyo Ik presents the content of what a celebrity life is like and yet, his videos also capture moments that people of many backgrounds may go through on a daily basis. These types of moments are what bring the uniqueness to his content. It doesn’t feel like a staged or forced vlog. Kyo Ik is the vlogger that makes the audience connect with him on a level that makes one want to hang out with him in real life! Whether or not you know Kyo Ik, I would recommend checking out his vlog videos to help lighten up the mood.

Some funny and entertaining content that Kyo Ik provides is based on his own experiences. Whether it’s from his difficult experience of picnicking in Hangang Park to his terrifying and yet intriguing experience playing a horror VR game, Kyo Ik’s content makes it feel like you’re there with him.

Kyo Ik creates content that really captures memories that he has made and is willing to share those memories with his fans! From shopping with his girlfriend to his birthday vacation vlog series, these memories he made were documented in a way that I’m sure he will be grateful to look back on. Not only that, but his fans and new viewers will get to know who he is outside of his modeling and acting world. It’s like a refreshing take on getting to know Kyo Ik.

Will Kyo Ik’s channel be added to your YouTube subscriber’s list?