BTS Jin Solo Songs to Get You Through His Military Enlistment

BTS member Jin with a shaved head in preparation for his mandatory military enlistment in Korea.

The day that many of BTS's fandom ARMY have been dreading has finally come. Jin, the first member of BTS to enlist in the military, has officially left to start his military service. He is reportedly training out of the Yeoncheon training center in Gyeonggi-do. Jin is expected to be discharged from the military on June 12, 2024. That is the day before BTS's debut anniversary, where the group will celebrate 11 years together. 

Now is the perfect time to create your Jin playlist while you wait for Jin to return from his mandatory military service. Check out Jin's greatest solo tracks with some bonus collaborations thrown in. 

How Many Solo Songs Does Bts’s Jin Have?

BTS Jin has 13 solo songs that he's released. Four of those solo songs have been official releases on albums, and the other 5 were released on BTS's official SoundCloud. Super Tuna was not quite an official solo song release, but it was released on all streaming platforms as a gift to ARMY to celebrate his birthday in 2021.

Additionally, he has two songs that are solo projects that consist of collaborations; one is a song for the k-drama Hwarang, and the other is a cover of Agust D's So Far Away, which Jin released on SoundCloud.  

BTS Jin Solo Songs

Music can help you get through rough times, like waking up to a notification from Weverse saying "Hi, this is BigHit Music." Let Jin's smooth vocals ease your heart and mind as he goes off to fulfill his military service. 

#1 Mom

Mom is the first solo song, and cover song Jin ever posted. It is a cover of Korean singer Ra.D's Mom. Jin posted the cover as a gift on Parents' Day. A heartfelt song of appreciation shows Jin's complete vocal range as it billows over an emotionally complex piano instrumental.  

#2 I Love You

I Love You, a cover by Jin, is another one of his earliest released solo songs. The cover was a gift to fans for his 23rd birthday. The original song is by a K-Indie group trio called Mate. Jin said he chose the song because it was the best song to tell ARMY how he felt about them. His vocals seamlessly harmonize on top of the piano instrumental featured in the song. This cover is an excellent reminder that Jin has always had amazing vocals.  

#3 Awake

Jin's solo song Awake is from BTS's second studio album Wings. The Wings era is arguably one of the most defining eras of BTS's career as they took various risks in changing their album concept to a dark and mysterious one. Awake tells the story of Jin having these amazing dreams and aspirations but is afraid to reach out and grab them. It's a genuinely introspective song where Jin reveals some of his innermost battles for the first time within his music. There's even a Christmas version that Jin released on his 24th birthday.  

#4 Epiphany

Epiphany is a Jin solo song from the Love Yourself: Answer album compilation. Epiphany gave us some of the most memorable stages of the Love Yourself World Tour. This song sends a compelling message that despite the things anyone may be going through, they should push themselves to keep going and remember to love themselves. 

The desperate pleas of Jin singing "I'm the one I should love" over an inspiring and explosive pop-rock melody will have anyone experiencing a newfound appreciation for themselves. You can hear the demo version of Epiphany on the Proof Anthology album

#5 In Front of the Post Office In Autumn

In Front of the Post Office in Autumn is another solo song cover by Jin. In Front of the Post Office in Autumn is originally sung by Korean singer Yoon Dohyun. This cover almost takes on a soft rock lullaby-like melody with a folk twist, as you can hear a harmonica break in the middle of the song and an acoustic guitar throughout the song.  

This song cover was released back in 2018 as the 'Interlude Ceremony' of BTS's Festa celebration, a yearly celebration commemorating BTS's debut anniversary. The song explores the idea that even if you stand still in life, the world around you will constantly be changing. 

#6 Tonight

Tonight is Jin's first original solo song. It was released during BTS Festa in 2019. Despite the song having a sad melody, it is actually about Jin's love for his pets and the companionship he wishes to continue with them, despite knowing they won't be here forever. Jin has had two pet sugar gliders that have passed away and a Maltese dog who has passed away as well, so it's clear where all the emotion in the song came from.  

#7 Moon

ARMY may have missed out on seeing the Map of the Soul tour in person because of the global coronavirus pandemic, but we still got to enjoy the Map Of The Soul album and performances during the Map of the Soul ON:E online concerts at the height of the pandemic. 

Moon is Jin's solo song from the Map Of The Soul 7 album. Moon is a different track than what we're used to hearing from Jin, as it's a far more upbeat track. Jin describes himself as the moon and Army as the Earth. In the song, he talks about how the Earth and Moon work together to keep each other motivated and thriving, which is a metaphor for ARMY's relationship with Jin and BTS as a whole.  

#8 Abyss

Abyss is a solo song by Jin, released the day before his 28th birthday. Jin wrote this song with the help of RM. The song delves deep into a vulnerable side of Jin that he admits he hid from the world. You can hear the sadness, self-doubt, and looming feeling of burnout in Jin's voice over the ballad melody in Abyss

#9 Super Tuna

Super Tuna is the mega-hit that Jin never anticipated becoming as big as it did. Super Tuna was released on Jin's 29th birthday as a gift for Army. The song even comes with a cute and simplistic choreography that had everyone doing the #SuperTunaChallenge on social media. The song became an instant hit and broke the internet. Jin later jokingly asked ARMY to not do the Super Tuna challenge as he was so embarrassed that it had blown up in popularity. The song is an energetic tune about Jin's love for fishing and catching Tuna fish. The song was so popular, it made an appearance on Billboard's Hot Trending Songs chart. 

#10 The Astronaut

Jin was the second member of BTS to release his solo debut album, The Astronaut. It only included one track, the title track. The album was released as a single album, with an accompanying music video, as a military enlistment farewell gift to ARMY. 

Jin worked with Coldplay's lead vocalist Chris Martin to create this song as he wanted a heartfelt way to say goodbye for now to Army but to also reassure his fans that he would come back to them. This track features an instrumental characteristic of Coldplay, and with Jin's bittersweet vocals over top of it, it is the perfect parting gift for fans who have been with Jin for over 9 years. 

#11 Yours (Jirisan OST)

Yours is Jin's first solo OST (original soundtrack) song. Yours was featured in the k-drama Jirisan, a show about a group of mountain rangers investigating accidental deaths on the mountain.  

With the song breaking history and winning awards for Best K-drama OST of the year in 2021, one who listens to the song will have you in absolute agreement that the song is amazing. Jin's high register and ethereal vocals capture the concerning and mysterious storyline of the thriller that is Jirisan.

Jin Collabs

Some of Jin's solo project ventures have included collaborations. Those collaborations just happen to be with some of his fellow BTS members!

#1 It's Definitely You with V

It's Definitely You is a solo song that Jin did with fellow BTS member V. It's Definitely You was featured in the k-drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, also known as Hwarang Corps and Flowering Knights.

Hwarang is also the show where BTS member V made his acting debut. Hwarang is a show about an elite warrior group in the ancient kingdom of Silla. The song talks about a guy's desire to do anything for a girl he loves. The song is catchy, upbeat, and a favorite among many who did not even watch the k-drama.

#2 So Far Away with Suga & Jungkook

So Far Away is actually a cover song by Jin. The original song is from fellow BTS member Suga's self-titled mixtape Agust D. This cover was released during BTS Festa in 2017. Interestingly enough, Suga admitted that the original lyrics and title of the song were "Don't Fall Away," but by the time he noticed, his mixtape had already been released. So the cover of the song includes the correct lyrics and is closer in melodic style to what he had in mind when he first created the song. 

Listen to the two different versions of the song and try to hear the different meanings behind each song's lyrics. 

What Is Jin’s Most Popular Solo Song?

BTS member Jin's most popular solo song is The Astronaut. It reached No. 1 on iTunes in over 100 countries and received the highest debut on Billboard's Hot 100 at No. 51, out of any Korean solo song since PSY's Hangover. It also debuted at No. 6 on Billboard's Global, excluding the U.S. chart, and No. 10 on their Global 200 chart. According to Gaon Chart, The Astronaut album has sold over a million copies, making Jin the third Korean solo artist to sell over one million copies of their album.  

Jin pictured in a fuzzt yellow sweater for his "The Astronaut" album music video photo sketch.
Image from Official BTS Facebook​​

Where Can I Get BTS Jin Merch?

With Jin being the first BTS member off to the military, getting merch to remember him by until he is discharged is at the top of many Army's to-do lists. The Daebak Company has tons of options to choose from in their official BTS merch shop to keep Jin close to your heart. 

The Astronaut Album

There are two different versions of The Astronaut album to choose from; the first features a purple galaxy design, and the second features the same design but in a green color.

Each version of the album has its own variation of a photobook, CD, postcard, poster, and one random photocard out of 4 designs featuring Jin's signature on one side and a photo of World Wide Handsome on the other. Other inclusions featured in both albums are a lyric card, a graphic sticker, and 2 random seal stickers of 8 designs. 

Put the photocard you pull from the album in one of The Astronaut themed ID card holder sets, so there's no mistaking who your bias is. 

The Astronaut Wootteo Merch

During the promotion of Jin's album The Astronaut, fans were introduced to the Korean character Wootteo. Wootteo is a cartoon astronaut created by Jin, that gave behind-the-scenes updates on everything to do with the release of Jin's debut solo album. Wootteo was created to stand by fans on behalf of Jin, while he is away in the military.

Keep your room lit up with Wooteo fairy lights so Jin can find his way back to you. Carry Wootteo with you throughout your day with a Wootteo keychain. Or relax from the stress of worrying about Jin in with a Wootteo bath bomb

Jin's Special 8 Photo-Folio: Me, Myself, and Jin

Take a journey to the "Sea of JIN Island" with Jin's new Special 8 Photo-Folio. Each photo-folio includes an 80-page photobook with three different nautical-themed photoshoots featuring Jin, a mini poster, a folded poster, a postage stamp, two random photo cards, and an exclusive Jin Item that includes envelope-size fish cards.

Jin's BT21 Character RJ

BT21 are the Korean characters created by each member of BTS. Jin's BT21 character is RJ. RJ is an alpaca that wears a red-orange scarf around his neck. Grab an RJ cushion to snuggle up with when you miss Jin o,r incorporate Jin into your daily life with a pair of RJ slippers or a cute tote bag

Jin Munchies

None of the Daebak fam will judge you if you choose to eat your feelings while Jin is away in the military. Try out Jin's favorite ramen, Jin Ramen. They even have a spicy version. Check out the BTS snack pack for more of a variety of yumminess that the members of BTS enjoy. Finish off your BTS meal with a sweet dessert of BTS snickers, featuring purple wrappers that have BTS songs on them. 

With a year and six months to go before Jin's expected military discharge date, ARMY will have plenty of time to get reacquainted with the amazing solo projects Jin has done. Remember that enlistment is forever and Jin will be back to doing group activities with the rest of the members of BTS before we know it. 

About BTS Jin

Born Kim Seokjin, Jin is the oldest member of the k-pop group BTS at 29 years old. He was the fourth member to join BTS and the first member of the group to enlist in the military to fulfill his mandatory service requirement in South Korea. His smooth and consistently stable vocals have placed him on the vocal line within the group and are often lent to original soundtrack(OST) songs for popular k-dramas like Jirisan and Hwarang.

He is known by his fandom, Army, as "World Wide Handsome". Fans have come to love him for his out-of-this-world confidence in his appearance, perseverance in learning all of BTS's choreography by practicing extra as he admits it takes him the longest to learn it out of all his members, and his ability to think outside the box as he is the Run BTS game master. He is also well known for his cooking show turned mukbang series: Eat Jin. Some of his most popular solo songs include The AstronautMoonEpiphany, and Awake

BTS member Jin pictured looking off into the distance while standing on a boat in the middle of the ocean while dressed in a blue naval dress uniform with a white hat.
Image from Special 8 Photo-Folio "Me, Myself, and Jin"​​

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