Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kpop Fans to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Kpop Fans to Enjoy This Holiday Season - The Daebak Company

Whether it be albums, concert apparel, or even stationery items for students, kpop groups drop many different kinds of merchandise for their fans to enjoy throughout the year.

When it comes time for the holiday season, deciding what to get the best Christmas gifts for kpop fans in your life can be tricky, especially if they are a multi-stan and have already invested in many of their group’s merch.

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However, there is no such thing as a kpop fan having too much merch, so here are ten of the best Christmas presents for kpop fans in your life!

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kpop Fans

1. Lightsticks

Nothing will make a kpop fan happier than receiving official lightsticks as kpop Christmas gifts from their favorite group. 

Many kpop groups’ lightsticks have prices that run pretty high compared to their other official merchandise like kpop albums and concert apparel.

Lightsticks are sought out by fans who plan on attending the concerts of their favorite groups, as they light up the audience and immerse fans in a concert experience they won’t forget. These beautiful concert and kpop merch are the bet Christmas gift ideas for kpop lovers.

I can definitely relate to the pain of not having a lightstick at a kpop concert, and I would have loved to get one for Christmas beforehand!

2. Kpop Albums

While it may seem obvious, it means so much to kpop fans to have the albums of the groups they stan since this is one of the ways fans can show support for them.

Kpop albums typically are the best Christmas gifts for kpop fans as they include posters and photocards of the members, making them great gifts for those who want to decorate their walls and show off their favorite group to their friends and fellow fans!

3. Fandom Memberships

To get exclusive access to specific groups’ early-release content and have the chance to attend special events and enter raffles, you need to purchase their fandom memberships as Christmas gifts for kpop fans.

Many groups, including BTS, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, TXT, fromis_9, P1Harmony, and more, have fandom memberships, making them a valuable gift for many kpop fans.

These fandom memberships also grant many fans early access to presale concert tickets, making it a valuable gift for the avid concert-goer or fan who has yet to secure seats for their favorite group.

4. Kpop Apparel

From kpop group's concert t-shirts to the fashionable bucket hat BTS Jungkook wore at the airport to the pajama sets repped on the live streams of your favorite idols, any kpop fan would be thrilled to receive kpop apparel for Christmas.

Many idols are known for their fashion sense within the kpop industry, so why not give the kpop fan in your life the clothing as kpop Christmas gifts to match their favs and to up their style game?

5. Concert Tickets

As a kpop fan, it was my dream to attend my favorite group's concerts, but when the pandemic canceled all of the kpop tours around the world, including the BTS concert I had landed tickets for, I was devastated.

Luckily for all kpop fans, many groups have begun touring again, but kpop concerts can be costly, especially if you want to purchase a lightstick and other merchandise.

If you are torn on what to ask for on your Christmas list, or if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for kpop lovers and have the money to spend, concert tickets are the way to go and will make a kpop fan's year!

6. Season’s Greetings

Many kpop fans anticipate the holiday season because their favorite groups’ Season’s Greetings merch gets released for the new year.

Season’s Greetings merch typically includes a variety of stationery items like calendars, planners, posters, DVDs, and photo cards that match the particular theme set for the merchandise package.

Groups like BTS, ITZY, ATEEZ, and even solo artists like IU have released Season’s Greetings packages in the past, and we can’t wait for this year’s release.  

7. Concert DVDs

After receiving kpop concert tickets for your top group for Christmas and attending their concert, you’ll wish you were back at the venue screaming your heart out with your idols once more.

One way to relive this life-changing experience is by purchasing the concert DVD as Christmas presents for kpop fans. Many groups sell their concert DVDs so that fans can access the performance after seeing it live and to give new fans a chance to see the group perform their older setlists.

If you want to get over that post-concert sadness, concert DVDs are the way to go!

8. BT21 Merchandise

Do you have to get a gift for an ARMY this holiday season? I'd check out BTS's BT21 merchandise collection.

BT21 is a collection of characters made by the members of BTS in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS.

You can find each member's character, including Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, Tata, and Cooky, on many different merchandise items, including tumblers, plushies, apparel, and other stationary items. 

9. Korean Snack Subscription Box

If you have any kpop fans in your life, you already know that they love anything that has to do with their favorite idols, including their idols' favorite snacks.

Instead of flying them halfway across the country to get them their favorite Korean snacks, you can purchase a Korean snack subscription box for them.

The Daebak Company's Daebak Box gives you a variety of snacks and other K-merchandise that will bring the essence of Korea right to your doorstep.

10. Clear Phone Case

Many Kpop fans take pride in displaying their bias in any way they can, whether on their lock screen, home screen, or even on the back of their phone.

A clear phone case would allow the kpop fan in your life to customize their phone however they’d like and allow them to easily switch out photo cards of their favorite idols when they get new ones.

Let us know what's on your Kpop Christmas list for this holiday season down below!

Are you are still wondering where to buy your favorite kpop merch online for this holiday season? You should check out The Daebak Company's kpop shop for your favorite group's kpop albums and other kpop merchandise, including official lightsticks, BT21 merch, and kpop apparel!


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