NewJeans OMG : The Girl Group’s 1st Comeback After a Successful Debut

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NewJeans OMG marks the girl group’s first comeback after their successful debut in 2022. The new single album OMG features two songs, OMG and Ditto, both of which feature music videos.

From release date to track details, continue reading to find out more about the highly anticipated NewJeans OMG single album.

NewJeans OMG : The Girl Group’s 1st Comeback After a Successful Debut

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NewJeans OMG Tracklist

  1. OMG
  2. Ditto

1. NewJeans OMG

With a blend of hip-hop, R&B, UK garage and trap, OMG is a song which will fill you with energy! The single features a slow tempo, and the more you listen to the song, the more you start to notice the layers in the music which work in synergy to produce a refined, smooth and refreshing track.

NewJeans OMG music video starts off in the shared excitement as friends jokingly pester them to reveal the mystery boy’s identity. But soon, a feeling of setback presents itself in a chorus where Hanni sings, “I was really hoping/That he will come through”.

NewJeans OMG is about the sense of distance, caution and feelings of unfamiliarity which comes with a girl’s desire to get close to her love interest.

Watch the official NewJeans OMG music video below!

2. NewJeans Ditto

Ditto offers a well-put-together lo-fi track and features a danceable tempo, which soon becomes an earworm after listening. ADOR describe Ditto as NewJeans’ take on Baltimore club dance music.

Ditto was the album’s pre-release single which was released on December 19th, 2022. The track is tinged with nostalgia throughout the music videos and the music itself. Keeping up with the retro theme, the two music videos for NewJeans Ditto are labelled side A and side B- like a cassette tape.

The two music videos are set in a high school setting, featuring All of Us Are Dead’s Park Jihoo who is shown to be recording the quintet.

Watch the official side A NewJeans Ditto music video below:

Here is side B of NewJeans Ditto

NewJeans OMG Spotify

About NewJeans Members

NewJeans debuted on August 1st, 2022, under ADOR, a South Korean subsidiary music label from HYBE. NewJeans consists of five members, Minji, Haerin, Hyein, Hannni and Danielle. Meet the girls below!


A photo of NewJeans Minji
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A photo of NewJeans Danielle
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