The Daebak New Release Review: IM NAYEON Album

The Daebak New Release Review: IM NAYEON Album - The Daebak Company


TWICE’s Nayeon has finally made her solo debut with IM NAYEON album! This is the first TWICE member to come out with her debut album and who better to do it than our favorite center/face of the group?

Down below, I review the 7 songs on the album. Continue reading down below to find out if this album will have “No Problem” climbing to the top of our summer playlists!

POP! (IM NAYEON Album Title Track)

Right off the bat, I’m calling it. This IS the song of the summer. It’s fresh, catchy, exciting, and perfect for your summer playlist. It deserves to be played on your car stereos all day long with how captivating “POP!” is.

“POP!” is one of my favorites on “IM NAYEON” and one of my favorite summer releases in 2022! I couldn’t think of a better title track for Nayeon to make her solo debut with.

The music video is also just grand perfection; click the video above if you haven't seen it yet!

NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids)

@twice_tiktok_official NO PROBLEM Duet Ver. NAYEON & Felix🎶No, nothing can stop us this time 😎🎵No, there ain’t NO PROBLEM tonight🙌#TWICE #트와이스#NAYEON #나연 #IM_NAYEON #POP❣️ #PopPopPop #NOPROBLEM #StrayKids #스트레이키 #Felix #필릭스 ♬ NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids) - NAYEON

Now, this is a collaboration I didn’t know I needed, but now I can’t live without it! Stray Kids are one of my favorite groups, so when I first saw this song on the tracklist, I knew that this song would be an instant hit for me. And I was right!

I was not expecting a song fully in English on the “IM NAYEON” album, but the song is executed quite well with its simplicity. Pairing the funky beat with Felix’s rap in the latter part of the song, this song is sure to cheer you up on a bad day and make you want to groove along. This song has already become a hit on TikTok following Nayeon and Felix’s duet challenge on the app.

LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Wonstein)

Nayeon wearing rings
@nayeonyny on ​​IG
​​​This song has to be my absolute favorite from the entire album. Already from the album teaser, I knew straight away that this was going to be my favorite, and it did not disappoint. I am already envisioning this song playing in malls, boba shops, and kpop shops all over the world with its catchy beat.

You may know Wonstein from his collaboration with TAEYONG from NCT with their song, “Love Theory,” or from his song “Your Existence” in the OST from the hit Kdrama Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Both of the artists on this song made for a great collaboration, one to be on your repeat playlist this summer.


a picture of Nayeon
@nayeonyny on ​​IG

This song exudes cute vibes all the way. It’s a bit slower-paced than the first few songs on the album, but upbeat and sweet nonetheless. I can envision this song playing at your nearest boba shop, as it is a chill and simplistic song overall.


a picture of Naeyon in a pink and sparkly dress
@nayeonyny on IG​​

With “ALL OR NOTHING”, Nayeon slows it down with this Korean cafe aesthetic sound. However, this song has the deepest and heart-wrenching lyrics on the entire album and dawns on Nayeon’s hardest moments within her stressful career as an artist in one of the biggest kpop groups in the world.

I appreciate listening to Nayeon’s candid words within the song and I hope they touch listeners’ hearts and emotions as much as they did mine. This song is a must-listen for all TWICE and kpop fans lyrics-wise.


Nayeon with sparkling beads as background
@nayeonyny on IG​​

This track immediately got stuck in my head for two days after “POP!” was done living in my head rent-free. The lyrics for this song are quite heartfelt as well.

It’s the perfect chill song for me as I travel on the subway every day, romanticizing my life as I stare out the window of the train car (oddly specific, but I can attest to this and would highly recommend you try it sometime). This song is a great song for studying for your summer school exams or to have on a chill summer picnic playlist.


Nayeon wearing a pink dress
​​@nayeonyny on IG
“Sunset” is here to end the album off on a soothing note. It is a great song to end the day with and it honestly feels like a warm hug disguised as a lullaby-type song. Her backing vocals in this song are heavenly and show off her softer vocals. Truly a wonderful song to bring Nayeon’s first album down to a perfect close.

Here are my personal rankings for the songs on this album:

  1. LOVE COUNTDOWN (feat. Wonstein)

  2. POP! 

  3. NO PROBLEM (feat. Felix of Stray Kids)





Nayeon in a red dress with the IM NAYEON Album title at the back
​​@JYPETWICE on Twitter

Do you agree with my rankings? Let us know your rankings of all the songs on the album down below!

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