Kang Daniel is Back: The "Magenta" Comeback, Merchandise, and DANITY Membership

Kang Daniel is Back: The

It has been more than a year since Kang Daniel’s solo debut under Konnect Entertainment; After debuting a year and a half as a member of idol group, Wanna One. Kang Daniel, (강다니엘) debuted with his first EP, Color on Me, on July 25, 2019 and released his first mini-album of the color trilogy, CYAN, on March 24, 2020. As of August 03, 2020, Kang Daniel made a BIG comeback with his second mini-album of the color trilogy, Magenta.

The Magenta Album:

July 05, 2020: KONNECT Entertainment’s YouTube Channel, posted the first teaser for Kang Daniel’s second mini-album, Magenta. In the teaser, the symbol of his CYAN album changed from cyan (bluish-green) to the color of magenta (purplish-red). Since the color shifted from a light color to a darker color, DANITY, (Kang Daniel's fandom name) speculated that his second mini-album's sound will contrast his past two concepts and music styles. Magenta did in fact have tracks with a dance element in its sound; Like his past EP and mini-album.

July 25, 2020: Kang Daniel started his comeback with the pre-release of the music video, “Waves” (Feat. SIMON DOMINIC and JAMIE). The concept of the music video and Latin-inspired dance track is a new and different feeling from the idol singer! With some Hip-Hop, rap, and R&B elements added to the mix with the collaboration of SIMON DOMINIC and JAMIE, the song has many layers that makes this song very unique!

Post-Waves: After the pre-release of “Waves”, Kang Daniel made his official comeback on August 03, 2020, with the release of his album and music video for his leading song, “깨워 (Who U Are)”. Kang Daniel has won a couple of awards for his comeback, from shows like KBS2's, Music Bank and SBS MTV's, The Show. We wish Kang Daniel all the best through the rest of his promotions!


DANITY, has grown in numbers over the past year! Whether fans were supporting him from his “Produce 101” days or becoming fans of him based on his solo career, Kang Daniel and his owned agency, Konnect Entertainment, have a website that fans can get official merchandise from. The website can be navigated in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

From photo cards to acrylic stands, bucket hats to phone accessories, Konnect Entertainment’s merchandise page has a great set of items to choose from. And do not forget to purchase the official light/cheer stick! When all of us are able to go to concerts again, it will come in handy to have the lightstick ready to go before the concert. His items are also fairly priced and are worth getting!

DANIEL x DANITY - Official Fan Club Membership:

Towards the end of 2019, Kang Daniel announced the first recruitment of his fan club membership for DANITY. Upon registering for his fan club, members will receive a membership card and fan club kit. Being part of the DANITY fan club means getting access to benefits, special merchandise, pre-sale tickets for events, and even a chance at getting a private space in his fan café! It is worth signing up for and subscribing too, if you are a big fan of his and want to support/communicate with him.

If you would like to communicate with Kang Daniel, he is on V-Live, Twitter, Weibo, and Instagram. Keep streaming, supporting, and loving Kang Daniel, DANITY!

Written by Jenna Tokioka

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