Keep Warm This Winter With These Coffee and Teas

Keep Warm This Winter With These Coffee and Teas - The Daebak Company

Just as a moth is drawn to a flame, we’re drawn to ice-cold drinks in the heat of the summer and close to piping hot drinks in the cool of winter. Calming, therapeutic, and borderline necessary, keeping yourself bundled in a blanket with your hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea for those looking to turn in for the night. Or a hot cup of coffee for those who just need to get a little more work done. Here’s a list of some instant coffees, and teas for the late night homebody that you can actually try yourself when you purchase our Coffee & Tea box!

Maxim Cafe Cappuccino - Hazelnut

Maxim is a brand that’s well known for its sweet tasting coffee, and easy to use, easy to access instant coffees. Their instant coffees take seconds to prepare, and what’s most interesting about their instant cappuccinos is once the water is added you can actually see the microfoam similar to what is seen at cafes through the use of an espresso machine. While they come in many flavors, Hazelnut is the perfect Holiday inspired flavor for the Holiday season.

Instant Tea Latte

For those who just can’t decide between coffee or tea for the evening, don’t worry! We’ve found the perfect combination for you in this Instant Tea Latte. Similarly to cafe latte’s, this tea is mixed with steam milk but without the espresso. However, you can still get that same strong coffee punch, as the tea used in tea lattes usually are a strong brewed tea or green tea. This wonderful mixture coming together to offer both soothing and energizing effects that tea and coffee have to offer.

Earl Grey Grapefruit Tea Cookies

While coffee and tea are delicious enough on their own, having a little snack to fill in the gaps between sips never hurt anyone. It’ll only enhance the tea sipping, coffee indulging experience! Which is why these tea cookies are the perfect addition to any instant tea or coffees you may find yourself bundling up with this winter. It as a soft cookie shell that coats a delicious grapefruit jelly in the middle. A perfect mixture of sweet, but tangy!

KANU Sweet Americano Instant Coffee

The Maxim brand is at it yet again with another staple instant coffee! This time one with a lot more punch for the night owl, or early bird who just needs that extra kick of energy. The KANU Sweet Americano will mix well in both hot and cold water, so whether you’re a hot coffee drinker or an iced coffee drinker you won’t find a problem blending this with ease. It also is infused directly with the espresso extract the beans were grounded from. It’ll definitely give you that energy boost you’ve been needing.

Limited Edition Kakao Friends Instant Coffee

Instant coffee? Plus the cuteness of the Kakao Friends we’ve all come to know and love? It sounds like a match made in heaven, and luckily Maxim thought so tonight. For a limited time, they released the Kakao Friends instant coffees for the Kakao fans and coffee enthusiasts alike. Just heat up the required amount of water, and pull out the mini package to be greeted by your favorite Kakao characters!

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Do feel warmed up yet? Curious about their taste? Don’t forget, all these items could very well be yours! Just add the box to cart, and you could be cuddled with a cup of Limited edition Kakao coffee, and who doesn’t want that?

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