Korean ‘Celebrity’ IU’s new album ‘LILAC’ to release this week

Korean ‘Celebrity’ IU’s new album ‘LILAC’ to release this week - The Daebak Company


With just a couple of days to go before the release of IU’s fifth album, ‘LILAC’ (set for the 25th of March), let’s take a quick look back at what has happened so far, and what to expect on her new studio album. 
For anyone who is unfamiliar, IU is a famous singer-songwriter and k-drama actress under EDAM Entertainment. She appears as a leading character in dramas such as ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘My Mister’ and ‘Persona’.
And has released popular hits including ‘Blueming’, ‘BBIBBI’ and ‘eight’ featuring SUGA from BTS.
2021 started with a bang for the 27-year-old soloist, winning the grand prize of Digital Daesang (song of the year) with her track ‘Blueming’ at the Golden Disc Awards. And if seeing IU flawlessly hit all those high notes wasn’t enough, the surprise of a possible comeback revealed in her acceptance speech definitely caused a lot of excitement with both her fans and all of us here at The Daebak Company *cries internally*. 
Fast-forward to the 27th of January, the singer/actress released her first single on the album under the title ‘Celebrity’. Needless to say, the vibrant vocals, bubbly chorus dance break, and breath-taking visuals are nothing less than what we could have expected from one of the top ‘celebrities’ in Korea. Trust me when I say no one does a quirky upbeat tune quite like her.

 Not only was the track an absolute hit, but IU also started the #Celeb_Challenge on Instagram where users post a series of funny, non-posed, daily-life pictures alongside cute icons and her new single. Check out IU’s version below!

Right after the release of ‘Celebrity’, the idol shared two posts revealing the different versions of her album: BYLAC and HILAC. BYLAC depicting a darker, more mysterious vibe, and HILAC showing a lighter, more colourful atmosphere, with IU looking equally as stunning in both themes *faints*.
The track list for the album was then released on March the 10th, showing a total of 10 songs, with two title tracks: LILAC and Coin. It was also revealed that the K-R&B singer Dean will appear on the song ‘TROLL’.
Finally, on March 11th, IU dropped an unexpected teaser for her track ‘Flu’. The snippet shows off her ‘sickening’ choreography and the ‘ill’ moves of her and her dancers before she faints to the floor. Honestly, I need anyone to tell me how someone can make having the flu look that good? *faints harder than IU*

In preparation for IU’s comeback, go get your dancing shoes on, warm up your voice and pre-order the stunning 2-SET album ‘LILAC’ as well as IU's pick of accessories sold here at Daebak.


Let us know in the comments if you are excited for this long-awaited new album! And if you are going to attempt that dance drop in ‘Flu’ (I’m convinced it’s all in the legs).

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