Korean Drinks Available Everywhere to Add to Your Shopping List

Korean Drinks Available Everywhere to Add to Your Shopping List | The Daebak Company

Be on the lookout for these sodas and drinks from South Korea!

Tired of water and typical sodas? Well, good news! Korean brands provide a variety of delectable beverages to satisfy your thirst found at almost any Asian market. Whether you prefer your drinks crisp and refreshing or smooth and creamy, be sure to look for these drinks next time you’re out in your local Asian or Korean market!

Banana Milk

Popularized by the Binggrae Company, this delicious concoction has been delighting the taste buds of people all around the world since 1974. Sweet and smooth, this delectable drink is a classic choice for anyone that’s looking for a way to satisfy their thirst. While banana is the most popular flavor, Binggrae also produces other flavors including strawberry and summer melon.


With a satisfying fizz, Milkis has been a classic of Korean soft drinks since its creation in 1989. With flavors including pineapple, peach, and mango, Milkis boasts a large variety of tastes to give you satisfying hydration. Best enjoyed cold, Milkis provides a perfect way to beat the heat.

Aloe Vera King

If you’re a fan of pulp, Aloe Vera King is the perfect choice for you. Not only is it sweet, but Aloe Vera King also has tiny bits of aloe vera in it! These bits of aloe vera give a unique mouthfeel and feel satisfying when popped. Aloe Vera King also comes in a diverse set of flavors including pomegranate, lychee, and even acai berry.

Sac Sac

While Aloe Vera King combines aloe vera pulp with delectable juice, Sac Sac does the same with different juices and their assorted fruit. Sac Sac’s main appeal is the bits of pulp that float within the orange or grape flavored juice depending on the flavor of choice. These bits of pulp explode with juice upon being bitten and create a drinking experience that no other drink can recreate!

Chilsung Cider

Launched in 1950, Chilsung Cider’s become one of South Korea’s most classic drink choices. This lemon and lime flavored soft drink’s widespread appeal is one of the main reasons why Lotte Chilsung, the manufacturers of Chilsung Cider now have a large international market.

South Korean drinks provide a variety of tastes to satisfy each person’s preferences. While they might come in similar flavors, each drink provides a unique drinking experience! So hopefully, you now have a list of drinks to look out for on your next shopping trip!

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