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Make a Statement with WIGGLE WIGGLE - The Daebak Company

We can find joy in just looking at something silly or quirky. Is there something in your room that makes you smile or giggle when you look at it? Do you have just a plain phone case? Laptop Case? Socks maybe? Wiggle Wiggle can dress your accessories up with their fun and unique accessories! Their items are truly a conversation starter and a great way to make a statement with your day to day activities. Wiggle Wiggle products are always fashionable and always functional. For example, the Wiggle Wiggle Waterproof Enamel Pouch is great for cosmetic storage. It keeps its shape and will keep your products inside dry just in case you keep it by the sink. Pro tip, keep it open and use it as a makeup brush holder! 

What is Wiggle Wiggle?

Wiggle Wiggle is a funky street- style brand that features daily lifestyle products from trendy phone cases and laptop sleeves to socks and other fashion accessories. Their collection is packed with loads of creativity and hype that you can’t resist! Their products are often colorful and bright, so why not add some color do your daily life?

Who uses Wiggle Wiggle?

Well, some of your favorite K-pop artists have Wiggle Wiggle Products!
See this "Funky Cute Character Lobster iPhone Jelly Case"? Super cute and quirky!

Here are more celebrities who are using Wiggle Wiggle products! Take a look!

Did any of these items catch your eye?

Wiggle Wiggle is DAEBAK

If you would like to add some spice to your life Daebak can help you!
We have a collaboration with Wiggle Wiggle. Get a seasonal membership today!

Each box comes with a selection of 5+ phone accessories, stationery, and other cute lifestyle items that will color your life with fun! Maybe you'll get something to match with your favorite Korean celebrity!

There is also a FREE welcome gift with every annual subscription. Offer ends January 31st! Be the sunshine in the rain with your Wiggle Wiggle umbrella!

Sometimes life feels boring because of constant repetition. Don't miss out on an opportunity to make a statement!


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