Mamamoo's Newest Comeback: Celebrating Their Biggest Hits

Mamamoo's Newest Comeback: Celebrating Their Biggest Hits

MAMAMOO is back with a remix of all their greatest hits!

The girl group’s latest album, "I SAY MAMAMOO THE BEST", features a trip down memory lane with their fans; A compilation of songs spanning from their debut to the present.

In true Mamamoo fashion, the songs in the album are rerecorded and feature updated “2021” instrumentals. From a rock version of “Gogobebe”, traditional instrumentals in “Aya”, and ethereal orchestral versions of “Paint Me” and “Starry Night”, the album gives listeners a fresh experience with their beloved songs they’ve known for years.

Do you remember their amazing award show performances? The “2021” versions of these songs also feature full-length studio versions of remixes Mamamoo have used in past performances, packaging elements of the live showmanship Mamamoo is known for, and delivering it straight to audiences’ ears.

The album also features two new original tracks, “mumumumuch” (their latest title track) and “Happier Than Ever”, which celebrate Mamamoo’s love for their fans, MooMoos. The tracks feature a light beat, disco-inspired instrumentals, and warm vibes to close out the summer.

"I SAY MAMAMOO THE BEST" is a perfect album to reminisce about the journey Mamamoo and MooMoos have undertaken together. As of now, Mamamoo’s future seems uncertain, with 3 out of the 4 members renewing their contracts with their agency RBW and the fourth deciding to sign under a different agency with a 2 year extension with Mamamoo. We can only wish Mamamoo the best of luck in their future journey.

Don’t miss out on this amazing album, now available in our store. Comment down below what your favorite track from the album is!

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