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Minute-ready mouthfuls of Korea!

Most people are familiar with instant meals like Minute-Rice and Cup Noodles. However, did you know that there’s a large variety of Korean instant meals, too? Here are just a couple of instant meals that could satisfy your hunger in minutes!


😊... 떡볶이 ...😊 . Dinner. . . . #instanttteokbokki .

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What’s better than chewy rice cakes in a sweet and spicy sauce? Chewy rice cakes in a sweet and spicy sauce that can be prepared in mere minutes, of course! Tteokbokki is a classic amongst South Korean dishes and can be found in almost any Korean store or street stand that sells food. In fact, this dish’s immense popularity has even lead to many instant variations of the dish being released. Now, if you crave tteokbokki, all you need is some hot water and patience.


Ottogi Curry Rice 🍛 🇰🇷 * * 韓国土産の一つで購入したカレーのルー。 りんご🍎の写真が載っているのは オットギのバーモントカレーという商品名。 日本のバーモントとどう違うのか作って食べてみました。 ・ 面白い…! 日本は固形ルーに対してこのオットギのカレーは粉末。 粉末だからめっちゃ溶けやすいので作りやすい。 またオットギのカレーはとろみがすごくあって、 日本のカレーは煮込むのに対して韓国のカレーは 即席カレーのように短時間で出来上がります。 お子様でも作りやすい♪ お味はというと…オットギのカレーはあっさり。 うーん、コクがない…💧 購入したカレーはあえて日本の甘口に合わせて 買ってみましたが、やっぱり韓国、 少しスパイシーでした。 次は中辛や辛口も試してみたい…♪ ・ …カレーとキムチを一緒に食べればあっさりも納得かも… ・ 2枚目はオットギオリジナルカレーだと思いますが、 りんご入りの方が美味しかったです。 ・ Korean curry is different from Japanese one. This curry is thick, but taste is weak and a little spicy. I was interested in it ! ・ * #韓国土産#カレーのルー#カレー#オットギ#バーモントカレー#オットギカレー#咖喱飯 #koreangift#curry#ottogi#ottogicurry#foodstagram #instafood#cookingram#카레#오뚜기#바몬드카레#오뚜기카레 * *

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Korean instant food usually comes in the form of noodles or tteok, but curry is packaged carb free. Instead, instant Korean curry is made to be heated up and poured over already cooked rice. While it doesn’t necessarily require rice, if you happen to have rice, this quick meal is perfect!


Bibimbap is a dish that consists of numerous toppings upon a bed of rice. These toppings usually include seaweed, sliced beef, tofu, pepper paste, and numerous vegetables. With this being said, some might believe it’s impossible to create an instant, convenient version of bibimbap, considering all the fresh vegetables and products that go in it. However, by freeze-drying multiple ingredients, instant bibimbap is possible, and is absolutely delicious, complete with toppings like kimchi and pepper paste!


With a delicious black bean sauce, jajangmyeon is a hybrid of Chinese and Korean cuisine that’s made its mark on the population of Korea. Jajangmyeon’s popularity has lead to many instant variations of the dish being created. As a result, you can now have a delicious bowl of jajangmyeon ready to eat in the form of ramen, or even in a microwaveable bowl!


Most popular amongst this list, Korea’s variety of instant ramyun provides tastes ranging from mouth-wateringly savory to mouth-meltingly spicy. Want something cheesy? There’s a ramyun for that? Are you craving kimchi? There’s a ramyun for that too! In any case, ramyun is always a good choice of a meal that can be prepared in a short amount of time.

All of these dishes, of course, are best enjoyed when the time is taken to properly prepare them, but some may not have the time nor money for them. As a result, these instant alternatives were created to provide the same tastes in a short amount of time and a low amount of money. So next time you get a craving for Korean food, enjoy one of these quick picks from us!

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