10 of the Most Unique Kpop Lightsticks

10 of the Most Unique Kpop Lightsticks - The Daebak Company

If you have ever been to a kpop concert or seen kpop concert footage online, you may have noticed that the audience has beams of light shining through the performances of the kpop artists, often moving in sync with the music. Those light sources are kpop lightsticks! 

Read more to find out what kpop lightsticks are, how they were created, and what are the most unique kpop lightsticks out there!

What are Kpop Lightsticks?

A kpop lightstick is a concert essential for any kpop concert! It is a handheld fan light designed specifically for the Hallyu idols’ concepts for fans to hold during concerts.

These kpop lightsticks often represent unity and dedication within the fanbases of Hallyu idols and can be accompanied by fan chants during each performance. They also make for great collectibles and picturesque items in your kpop collection!

Bigbang lightstick

Kpop lightsticks have been a staple within the industry since BIGBANG started the trend with their Bangbong. Within the concert halls, kpop lightsticks unite fans as the stadiums light up and move in coordination with the music and performances of their favorite Hallyu idols. 

Many of them have Bluetooth features that you can connect to your phone and/or the stadium so that everyone can coordinate their colors and seating during show day. 

Our List of the 10 Most Unique Kpop Lightsticks

1.) Blackpink Lightstick - BI-ping-bong

First on our list, we have the iconic “BI-ping-bong” from Blackpink. The cute kpop lightstick looks like a toy hammer and is confirmed by the Blackpink members themselves that it was directly inspired by the show Weekly Idol. The Blackpink members also played a large part in designing the lightstick and did an amazing job seeing the final product!

BLACKPINK carrying their lightstick BI-ping-bong

2.) iKon Lightstick - KONBAT

Ikon’s lightstick, the KONBAT, is a baseball bat-shaped lightstick, the only one of its kind. When lit up, the red and black design makes the kpop lightstick stand out within the crowd, uniting iKonics alike.

iKONICs at the concert raising their KONAT lightstick

3.) Day6 Lightstick - Light Band

JYP chose to go a non-traditional kpop lightstick route with Day6’s lightstick and instead opted for a wearable band! This makes it easier for MyDays to hold their phones when recording Day6's concert or just enjoying the concert without holding anything at all. However, the members were also spotted attaching their light bands as a necklace pendant, making this a versatile and multi-functional collectible.

Fans wearing Day6 lightstick, the Light Band

4.) Itzy Lightstick - Light Ring

ITZY’s lightstick is also an unconventional kpop lightstick, with the handheld functionality being a large ring to hold during concerts. The white design makes it easier to show the color changes of the ring and makes for a beautiful wall adornment when not in concert use. The ITZY members have also shown the light ring with flowers placed inside, giving the light ring an extra cute touch.


5.) Apink Lightstick - Pandabong

Apink’s lightstick, the Pandabong, is a pink panda, modeled after the fandom’s name, PANDA. It’s a super cute lightstick, representative of a super cute fandom name. :)

Apink member holding the Pandabong

6.) Cherry Bullet Lightstick - Cherry Gun

Cherry Bullet’s Lightstick, the Cherry Gun, has to be one of the most unique lightsticks on this list. The kpop lightstick is red and white, representative of the group’s colors, and is shaped like a gun. Pulling the trigger of the Cherry Gun allows fans to change the colors and modes of the kpop lightstick.

Cherry Bullet members holding their Cherry Gun Lightstick

7.) The BOYZ Lightstick

THE BOYZ’s unique kpop lightstick is a megaphone lightstick that is in a cute heart shape! Pressing the trigger button in the middle activates the multicolored lights within the lightstick. It’s perfect for shouting out the lyrics to your favorite THE BOYZ songs during the concert!

The BOYZ members holding their official lightstick shaped like a

8.) LOONA Lightstick - Highbong

LOONA’s lightstick, the Highbong, has to be one of the fanciest and prettiest lightsticks in kpop. The kpop lightstick’s sleek scepter design is perfect for Orbits to hold during concerts and it’s sure to be eye-catching in the audience. Get your Highbong in time for LOONA’s “LOONATHEWORLD” tour!

LOONA members in dresses while holding their Highbong lightsticks

9.) MAMAMOO Lightstick - Moobong

In a list of unique kpop lightsticks, you can’t miss MAMAMOO’s lightstick, the Moobong. This radish-shaped kpop lightstick is to represent MAMAMOO’s fandom name, “MOOMOO”, with “moo” in Korean meaning “radish”. The lightstick also has a vibration feature for the visually impaired MOOMOOs and many have adorned their kpop lightstick with stickers of cute faces and mustaches.

Mamamoo holding their Moobong ligthsticks with other kpop girl group

10.) Golden Child Lightstick - Runebong

a holding the Runebong, Gold Child

Last but certainly not least, on this list of unique lightsticks, we have Golden Child’s lightstick, the Runebong. This blue and white bowling pin-shaped kpop lightstick is made to be held upside down, slightly different from the traditional standing pin you see when you go bowling with your friends. There is also an accompanying app you can download to manually change the kpop lightstick’s colors.

Golden Child members holding their lightstick Runebong

Where to buy kpop lightsticks online?

You’ll want to make sure that you find a trusted and reliable retailer to buy your kpop lightstick, as more open-source online marketplaces often have fake lightsticks for sale. To save you on your potential troubles with finding your next new lightstick, we have the solution for you at The Daebak Company. All of our kpop lightsticks and kpop merch are official and we make it easy for you to get your favorite kpop idol’s lightstick in time for your next kpop concert!


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