Park Sung Hoon: An Ending to the Colorful Character of Jeon Jae-Joon

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The Glory part 2 was released less than a week ago and it got all of us immediately hooked up wondering about what would happen to the characters we met and learned to love (or hate) during part 1, among them Jeon Jae Joon.

Do you want to know more about The Glory and the best moments of Park Sung Hoon? Then keep reading this article! And if you want to know many more about your favorite K-Dramas and K-pop groups check out also the other articles on!

The Plot:

The Glory revolves around Moon Dong Eun, a woman who got her life ruined when she was in High school by a group of bullies who forced her to drop out of school and used their parents’ money and power to escape the consequences. Twenty years later she decides to get her revenge on each one of them by deploying a plan she has carefully devised through the years.

Her main target is Park Yeon Jin, leader of the group and author of the many abuses she, and other girls before and after her, faced, but none of the other perpetrators is safe. 

Jeon Jae Joon portrayed by Park Sung-hoon:

Jeon Jae Joon, portrayed by Park Sung Hoon, is one of the bullies but one that, during the abuses, often times preferred to hide in the shadows and make other people (mostly Son Myeong Oh) take care of the ‘dirty jobs’, not because of a guilty mind but because of his lack of empathy and spoiled attitude.

This is somehow also reflected in his quieter role during Part 1 of The Glory, where he mostly tries to analyze the situation with Moon Dong Eun as it unravels in front of him.

The only thing that seems to always trigger a reaction from this character is any reference to his color blindness, which is a huge insecurity of his (as proven both by the scene of his younger self getting extremely violent towards one of his peers after a remark on his condition and the scene of Park Sung Hoon threatening his sexual partner as soon as she, involuntarily, referred to his inability to distinguish colors). 

We left him, at the end of Part 1, right after the discovery that Park Yeon Jin’s daughter, Ye Sol, is not only his daughter but that she also inherited his color blindness, as Dong Eun hinted at when she showed him the little girl’s flower drawing.

Despite his unpleasant nature, Park Sung Hoon positively impressed fans of the show, with both his acting performance and his stunning looks.

Series’ Highlights:

Let’s take a look now at some of Park Sung Hoon’s most iconic moments in the series, mostly from part 2 of The Glory.

#1 His fight with Ye Sol’s teacher

No other Jeon Jae Joon scene could take first place but this one. Despite him being in the wrong for most of the series, viewers could not refrain from taking his side in this particular scene of episode twelve, especially considering the disgusting actions committed by the teacher not only towards the kids but also towards the other teachers.  

#2 The scene where he discovers his daughter inherited his color blindness

In episode seven Jeon Jae Joon goes to see his daughter while she is taking a walk and realizes she cannot read properly the color change of the traffic light. Here, despite his usual selfishness, the character shows his fatherly attitude by promising to protect Ye Sol.

#3 Last but not least (huge spoiler alert!!!)… His death

Right on the last episode Jeon Jae Joon faces a thrilling and unexpected ending which concludes magnificently his narrative arc and proves a right punishment for what he did to Seo Hee. I will not say more, in case you decided to read the article without finishing part 2, to not spoil the ending completely for you.

Watch it today!:

Park Sung Hoon after this role gained a new found, and in our opinion completely deserved, fame. 

For the ones who, like us, have just finished The Glory and want to see more from Park Sung Hoon we will have to wait for the release of his new projects, like Strangers and Queen of Tears (expected for 2023).

And for those of you who haven’t yet finished watching The Glory Part 2, what are you waiting for? Go open your Netflix account and start watching! You will not regret it.

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