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Snacks Perfect For Any Season - The Daebak Company

Themed snacks are great and have become very popular, but they are only here for a limited time before they go back into hiding until next year. Let's remember some classics that are available all year round and taste amazing no matter the season!

  • Choco Pie
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One of the most known and most delicious snacks is Choco Pie! This classic is known for its light sweetness that comes from a creme filling and chocolate coating, balanced out by two light cakes. With this snack, you can pair it with a warm drink to add some comfort to those cold days, or you can chill it in the fridge for days when the sun is shining.

  • Yakult Yogurt Jelly

Based off the popular drink, the Yakult Yogurt Jelly are the perfect refresher for any weather. Maintaining the well-known Yakult bottle shape, this jelly comes in many flavors and is perfect for anyone who just wants something quick and sweet to snack on. With flavors such as the original drink flavor, strawberry, and apple, this snack can be appreciated any time of year.

  • Fish-Shaped Cake

This fishy snack is known for it’s moist and chewy texture that comes from a red bean and marshmallow filling encased in a light cake. Although this snack may make you think about summer, it’s perfect to rip open anytime because this sweetness isn’t limited to one season.

  • Tteokbokki Chips

Looking to spice up your snack selection? Check out these tteokbokki chips which pack the perfect punch for anyone who is willing to try something new. Tteokbokki can be found all around Korea at food stalls, but sometimes it’s easier to rip open a bag of chips. The spicy rice cake chips are flawless when it comes to flavor and crunch.  

  • Chocolate Sunflower Seeds

Maybe you want something a little smaller? These chocolate-covered sunflower seeds are exactly what you’re looking for! The ideal mix of sweet and nutty can be found in these little seeds, which offer small bites of satisfaction no matter the time of year. You’ll have to be careful, though... Although delicious and small, it won’t be easy to stop eating them after you’ve started!

While seasonal snacks are fun and interesting, don’t forget about these originals that are here for you all year. With just these five suggestions, there is already a shopping list started! Which year-round snacks would you recommend, and which season snacks do you have to snatch up before they’re gone? Leave a comment below and let us know your snacking essentials!

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Written by Tessa Buckman

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