'The Divine Fury' Takes Down Demons with Style

'The Divine Fury' Takes Down Demons with Style - The Daebak Company

Park Seo-jun (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Hwarang, She Was Pretty) returns to the big screen with the supernatural thriller/horror film, The Divine Fury. The film, directed by Kim Joo-hwan (Midnight Runners, Koala), follows a dynamic duo of a world champion MMA fighter and a local church priest. Together, they go on a journey fighting the evil that’s taking over the city of Seoul. 

*Review contains minor spoilers

Park Seo-jun plays Park Yong-hu, an MMA fighter who’s quite literally fighting his own demons. Having gone through a tragic event as a little boy, he’s lost his faith in religion and has grown an intense hate for it. Trying to figure out what exactly is going with an injury that simply won’t heal, the MMA fighter takes advice from a young girl that makes his life take a turn of events.

After saving Father Ahn, played by Ahn Sung-ki (Human, Space, Time and Human), from a possessed man, Yong-hu demands to figure out what the wound on his hand is after he sees how it set the priest’s assailant on fire. Being quite skeptical in what the Father has to say about his injury and not being of fan what he has to say at first, Yong-hu walks out of the church and to his apartment to deal with another sleepless night, the same bloody injury, and nightmares that are way too real to simply be in his head. It’s again in the morning when he feels like he has no other resort left, that Yong-hu takes to father Ahn to help him out.

Understanding where the young man is coming from and where his hate from religion stems from, Father Ahn at no point tries to shove religion down his throat. Instead bonds with the fighter after a long day of events, fighting evil and performing exorcisms with a couple of cold beers. It’s Father Ahn’s calming and understanding aura that sparks something inside Yong-hu that turn the last twenty years of hate towards faith into something a little more positive and develop a father-son like relationship with the priest.

After crossing paths with another “priest,” played by Woo Do-hwan (Tempted), the close bond the fighter has with Father Ahn is put to a test. What seems to be an attempt at protecting Yong-hu causes him to once again doubt not only his faith but his relationship with Father Ahn. A few missed calls and a failed attempt at an exorcism later, Yong-hu finds Father Ahn in a critical state, leading to a rage-fueled determination to fight the one actually causing all the trouble. 

The Divine Fury is a movie that takes you by headlock and won’t let you go! It is filled with scenes that will make you laugh and leave you in awe while still providing the nail-biting, cover-your-eyes moments typical of Korean horror films. Since there’s no point in trying to peel off your eyes⁠⁠—well, perhaps except when things get a little too gruesome… you might as well watch this thrilling film perfect for those who enjoy being kept on edge. If you’re a fan of scary movies with amazing action scenes, The Divine Fury is one movie you won’t want to miss! Following the journey of Park Yong-hu will make you want to fight your own demons alongside him.

The Divine Fury opened in limited U.S. theaters this month with more dates and locations coming in September. Visit Go Well USA Entertainment for more information.

Cover Image: The Divine Fury
Written by Briseida Rivera & Dianelys Fuentes

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