The Edge of Cultural Crossovers: Wild Entertainment Group

The Edge of Cultural Crossovers: Wild Entertainment Group

Based in Seongdong-gu Seoul, South Korea, a hybrid management company is taking on the edge of cultural crossovers. From marketing to media production, Wild Entertainment Group has built a successful business around representing top talents and content creators from Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. 

What is Wild Entertainment Group? And what is a hybrid management company?

Wild Entertainment Group was founded by CEO Leonard Lim in 2020. With years of experience within the Eastern and Western entertainment industries, Leonard recognized the amazing talents there were within Southeast Asia (SEA). While he recognized the potential of SEA talents, he realized that these talents did not have the right representation and pathway to grow their brand and businesses. Wild Entertainment Group became the solution to the problems that Leonard realized.

Throughout 2021, Leonard has been focusing on growing Wild Entertainment and has built it into what is known as a hybrid management company - an entertainment company with both media production and marketing strategies at its core. According to Wild Entertainment’s About page, it states, “With our in-house expertise of the media industry and through a combination of influencer marketing, brand strategy, promotion, and event management, our services are designed to help both new and established businesses get noticed.” 

Within a short period of time, Wild Entertainment Group has partnered with and/or had press promotions with companies such as, Cube Entertainment, DIVE Studios, TED Talks, DIATV, Billboard, Shopee, LINE FRIENDS, CJ Entertainment, The New York Times, and many more.

What type of Talents work with Wild Entertainment Group?

Wild Entertainment Group currently has 85 talents from across the globe. WILD works with big talents and small talents. WILD is there to help grow talents, brands, businesses, and their social media channels; Especially, to help market and grow the SEA talents. 

From big talents based out of South Korea like the World of Dave, (1.8 million subscribers on YouTube) to well-known Music Producers based out of the US like Candace Sosa, (who has produced songs for BTS, TXT, and Armin Van Buuren) these are just some of the talents that work with Wild Entertainment Group. Some of the smaller, but ever-growing talents that work with WILD are YouTube Content Creator, Sabrina Azhar and Professional Athlete Elena Shinohara. 

For more on Wild Entertainment Group’s Talents and Collaborators, please follow this link: 

What type of work has Wild Entertainment produced or created?


Wild Entertainment Group has gained popularity through their successful YouTube channels, Life By Wild and Wild Channel. With 325K+ subscribers to date, Life By Wild gained popularity through their YouTube series, KoreanBros - that features entertaining and educational content from the native Koreans perspective. Life By Wild is also known for its hilarious, yet serious re:connect series - where different types of couples, siblings, and other types of relationship duos get together to answer a series of questions about each other. 

Wild Channel has 41.5K+ subscribers to date and is always on trend with what is happening within the media and entertainment industries. From goofy YouTube Shorts based on TikTok trends to CEO Leonard Lim trying to fast for Ramadan for the first time with fellow WILD talents, this YouTube channel is all about giving the fans a look at the strong bond between Leonard and the talents he works with. Bringing some of WILD’s talents together just goes to show how Wild Entertainment Group sticks to its mission of building strong and lasting relationships with its partners. 

The Journal:

Wild Entertainment Group also runs and operates their own blog site called, The Journal. The Journal features interviews with WILD talents and articles on fashion, music, travel, entertainment, food, and mindfulness. From articles on Cafe Hopping in Seoul with Erna to 5 Tips on How to Stay Productive During The Pandemic, there are a variety of blog articles and interviews that can be relatable to readers on many levels. The great aspect about The Journal is the fact that they write blog articles on universal topics that never go out of trend and are educational at the same time. And the interviews with WILD talents show the human sides of talents that we may not see from other media outlets. The Journal is the place to get educational, entertaining, and informational written content.

One Last Thing…

If you happen to be a content creator or talent, Wild Entertainment Group is always open to collaborating with talents, brands and/or businesses. Through a series of steps, Wild Entertainment Group is willing to hear your needs, negotiate business terms, and start executing marketing campaigns for your brand or business.

Thinking about contacting and/or collaborating with Wild Entertainment Group? Please follow this link for more information: 

A big thank you to Wild Entertainment Group for allowing Daebak Magazine to create a promotional article for the company. WILD is a hybrid management, media production, and marketing company representing top talent and content creators from across the globe. For more information on the company and social media channels, please follow the links down below.

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Written by Jenna Tokioka

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