5 Things to Do in Busan: The Summer Capital of Korea

a beach side as a perfect location for things to do in Busan

Are you ready to have some fun in the sun? You should head to the summer capital of South Korea—Busan! Consider this your things to do in Busan travel guide!

It is also South Korea's second-largest city and a popular location for Korean travel. Located 200 miles from Seoul, this southeastern coastal city should be your next travel location. 

5 Things to Do in Busan: A Travel Guide

Visit the Gamcheon Culture Village

view the houses in gamcheon culture village for your things to do in busan

A picture of the Gamcheon Culture Village is necessary as one of the things to do in Busan. This location is home to an abundance of colorful houses. It has a variety of murals that can be the backdrop to a plethora of social media pics and shops. It is not only rich in color but also rich in history as well. 

If you want to learn more about that history, you could skip the shopping and take a guided tour of the area. The Gamcheon Culture Village is sometimes referred to as the Machu Pichu of Busan. So put on your walking shoes and be prepared for a bit of a hike.

Go to the Beach

beach umbrellas, chairs, and inflatables at the beach in Busan

Haeundae is the most popular beach in Busan. It's also one of the most famous Busan beaches in all of Korea. So, many people visit this beach every year and it's a great place to enjoy the water and have fun in the sun. 

Make sure to stock up on beach necessities like beach towels and sunscreen before swimming and other things to do in Busan, Haeundae beach.

If you're a fan of the beach but not the crowds of Haeundae, you should make a trip to Gwangalli Beach. Fans of the Hallyu wave can catch a different kind of wave at this beach.

Watersports like paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking are some of the popular things to do in Busan. Rentals are affordable and readily available at Gwangalli. Also, if you're willing to wake up early, you could even catch the sunrise. 

Enjoy the Regional Cuisine

octopus dish you can eat for the things to do in Busan

Since Busan is a coastal city, no trip here would be complete without trying some seafood. This popular port city has some of the freshest crab, sashimi, and octopus that the country has to offer.

Other regional foods include the popular Korean snack, fishcakes, and gukbap, a combination of hot soup and rice. If you’re a fan of history and food, you should also visit the Samjin Fishcake Factory Museum. It is the oldest fishcake factory in Busan!

Relax at the Spa

Things to do in Busan, a relaxing spa

Although the hustle and bustle of the city is a major part of Korean culture, so are spas! Jjimjilbangs, saunas, and natural hot springs are all common features of Korean spas. With more than 35 hot springs, Busan has more than any other city in Korea. Thus, making it a premier location for a Korean spa visit and one of the things to do in Busan.

Popular spas are Spa Land, Lumi Spa, and Hurshimchung Spa.


Busan shopping area

Busan boasts a variety of shopping options. Do you want to visit the largest department store in the world? Go to Shinsaegae Centum City Department Store. Do you like variety and Korean fashion? Stop by Gwangbok-ro Fashion Street. Do you want a more traditional vibe? Visit one of Busan’s many markets, such as Jagalchi Market and Gukje Market.

As you can see, there are so many things to do in Busan. You’re sure to have a blast no matter what you put on your travel itinerary. Looking for another South Korea travel guide? We have another daebak article about things to do in Seoul. Happy travels!


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