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Tomorrow Episode 16 (Final) - The Daebak Company

Now that the last episode of the supernatural K-Drama Tomorrow has aired, let’s unpack the season finale. This article will have some spoiler alerts, but you will want to watch the K-Drama if you haven’t fallen in love with it already. 

Kdrama Tomorrow Episode 16 Ending

Tomorrow meshes a supernatural storyline with elements of a historical drama. The K-Drama follows the life of suicidal Choi Jun-Woong who accidentally meets grim reapers Koo Ryeon and Im Ryung Gu while failing to land a job. These grim reapers are part of a crisis management team that tries to prevent people from committing suicide, and Choi Jun-Woong ends up teaming up with the grim reapers. 

Tomorrow meshes a supernatural storyline with elements of a historical drama

Episode 16 starts with a flashback to the past. The King of Heaven informs Koo Ryeon that her time with the grim reaper team is limited, and her previous actions have jeopardized the fate of the rest of the team. In addition, Koo Ryeon may be sent back to Hell. Choi Jun-Woong also faces decisions about his future. Although Choi Jun-Woong is still in a comatose state (in the present real life), he must decide whether or not he wants to go back or stay in the Afterlife. 

last episode of the sci-fi K-Drama Tomorrow

Eventually, Jun-Woong returns to his body and recovers from the coma. Jun-Woong adjusts well to his work life and even saves a life; it’s just as if he is still a part of the grim reapers’ crisis management team. Before leaving, Ryeon mentions how they’ll see Jun-Woong in 49 years and 2 days, hinting at this eventual end to his time on earth. 

While writers of Tomorrow have curated a bittersweet ending, it has fans yearning for more. Can we expect Tomorrow Season 2 to be released? We’ll be sure to keep you, Daebak Fam, in the loop! 

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Written by Bangee Lee

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