Top 3 Lesser-Known Dramas to Binge Watch During Fall Session

Top 3 Lesser-Known Dramas to Binge Watch During Fall Session - The Daebak Company

I don’t know about you, but I know that I have a bad habit of binge-watching shows, but I don’t always finish them. Around the hundred-plus dramas, I have watched (of course not all of them fully) in the course of six years, there are a couple that really stand out and I would highly recommend, if you have some time on your hands to kick back and relax. Though, honestly, make sure you DO have extra time because these Korean dramas are that much addicting. School work always comes first (I have learned this the hard way).

Disclaimer: I am a hopeless romantic, so a lot of my suggestions will be romance-driven (I have a habit of being attracted to dramas that are just the polar opposite of my life) so please be mindful! Thank you!

1. WWW

The first thing that pops into my head whenever this drama is mentioned is the OST's. They were by far the best and every single song in this drama really made it “WOW”. OST's, videography, acting, fashion sense, and adrenalin rushing were all top-notch and it was great to see a more mature film with females in high-ranking positions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cutesy videos, but this drama outdid itself with its powerful women throughout the drama, which was unlike any other. Additionally, to add to everything, it features a strong woman lead (Bae Ta Mi) with a younger mature man (Park Morgan). This is the drama that made me fall in love with actress Lee Da Hee, due to her strong but sensible personality. What more can I say! 

2. The Surplus Princess

I actually remember finding out about this drama through Instagram, when there was a scene that Kwon Shi Kyung falls off a yacht and Kim Ha Ni / Ai Reen the main character, gets excited and kisses him underwater. From my childhood, I have always loved mermaids, and it was a twist to the typical mermaid becomes human plot, because the main character girl is bold, and even rude sometimes. This definitely kept me on the edge of my chair because her character was so contrasting to my personality and it made me want to learn more about her. It was really an extra twist when the main character ended up not falling in love with the male lead that she was originally after.  There were also a lot of comedic moments and I was really sad that the last two episodes were rushed because they ended the session early from 12 to 8 episodes.

3. The Secret Life of My Secretary

I was surprised, but I actually watched this entire drama! Even though this is the typical rich boss and secretary rom-coms, I was actually able to watch this to the end and even watch some of it again. This one had a really intriguing twist to the plot by having the male lead character (Do Min Ik) have prosopagnosia, which even though it now is really popular, wasn’t as prevalent in 2019. It really added to the plot when the brother was introduced to the drama as having blindness too and how traumatizing it is to have the condition (referring to the main lead). The addition of having comedy in some of the scenes really added to this drama, due to Veronica Park / Park Ok Soon and other characters made me laugh. This is definitely a good guilty pleasure drama when you want to have a good drama.

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