Top 4 Places You Must Go To In Jeju Island

Top 4 Places You Must Go To In Jeju Island - The Daebak Company

Cafe culture is big in Korea. In fact, there are a plethora of themed cafes all around the country to explore. Whether you want to find a place to study, chit chat with friends, or even spend time with a loved one there is a cafe for all types of occasions.

Jeju Greem Cafe

Jeju drawing Greem Cafe must go place on Jeju Island

One noteworthy cafe in Jeju island is the Jeju Greem Cafe; an art piece that has come to life. The 2D illusion makes it seem as if you have been transported inside a book. The entire cafe from floor to ceiling and all the furniture look as if the entire cafe was sketched by a pencil. Not only is the interior visually engaging, but the views of Jeju are also amazing. From the cafe you can see the blue Jeju ocean and the bright green tea fields. 

Jeju Osulloc Tea Museum

Osulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island

Green tea is another notable experience when in Jeju-do. In fact, one tea museum in particular is dedicated to presenting all things related to tea: Jeju Osulloc Tea Museum. The Jeju Osulloc Tea Museum seeks to inform visitors about Korean tea traditions as well as the history behind them. This tea museum offers a variety of experiences which include but is not limited to an indoor garden and tea cup gallery. You can even enjoy a fresh cup of tea brewed from tea leaves harvested on site. In addition to the exhibitions of teacups from Korea and around the world, the museum itself is also shaped like a teacup. 

Mount Hallasan

Jeju Island Hallasan Mountain must go

For those who are interested in nature and the outdoors, exploring Mount Hallasan may be a lucrative springtime activity. Mount Hallasan– a dormant volcano– is the highest mountain in Korea. Hiking Mount Hallasan is relatively easy despite it’s high elevation, and the views once you get to the top are beautiful. You can explore the incredible crater lakes. Those who are less fond of climbing up the mountain are still in for a treat. Mount Hallasan also offers scenic trails where you can see a variety of vibrant plants and animals. 

Dongmun Market

Dongmun market in Jeju Island of delicious Korean foodAfter exploring the island all day, what better place to nourish your body than the Dongmun Market. It’s a one stop shop to satisfy all of your cravings. There are so many vendors to choose from; Dongmun Market is simultaneously a street market, night market, traditional market, and seafood market. With so many vendors, it may be hard to decide which ones you want to visit. Some stores that you cannot miss out on include the seafood center which offers fresh plates of all kinds of sashimi. Other must try spots are the pork belly gimbaps, menbosha (which boasts of high ratings from famous bloggers and Youtubers), and the Jeju (jeonbok) abalone dumplings.

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