Top Two Snacks to Help You Endure Studying

Top Two Snacks to Help You Endure Studying - The Daebak Company

When you hear the word studying your mind probably goes to the mountains of books on your desk and the struggle of finding a decent working highlighter. Along with the idea of staying up well past your usual bedtime with coffee and energy drinks being your only source of fuel. Well, fear not for you no longer have to live off those staples.

Banana Kicks can be a sweet little pick-me-up when you feel your eyes are starting to droop shut and the tiredness overwhelms you. This snack is named not only after the shape it resembles but the pattern of movement that follows a ‘front ball kick’ in soccer. These corn puffs come in other flavors besides the original banana coupled with a sugar coating on top. If the call of banana flavor wasn’t enough to hook you onto these, there are three other versions of this puff where it is coated with dark chocolate, green tea, and strawberry.

Whether you're doing equations or writing an essay, Tako chips are the perfect snacks to help you strive through your study session. Not only is the packaging adorable to look at, the chips themselves resemble little octopi and they also taste like them too.  Though they may be considered a tad salty the flavor that you get is a fishy octopus one. 

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