Two K-Drama’s That Will Make You Want to Work in a Library

Two K-Drama’s That Will Make You Want to Work in a Library - The Daebak Company

K-Drama’s hold a variety of settings, characters, and concepts that really draw in audiences to want to watch every episode one right after another; Even though, each episode is at least 45 minutes long and watching a full season could take up to half a day or more to watch. Nonetheless, this is what makes K-Drama’s so unique! Every episode has a cliff-hanger and shows many character’s stories that tie-in with other character’s stories at some point during the show - it's like going full-circle.

What is one of the most unique settings that a K-Drama's romanticized? A library! Most people may find libraries to be a quiet place, where people study and where people who like to read books go for a fun time. But what if we got the perspective of those who work at a library? What if the library happened to be the setting where two people could fall in love or bring people closer together? There are two K-Drama’s that answer these two questions and are more recent shows that are still a hit on Netflix - Romance is a Bonus Book and One Spring Night.

Romance is a Bonus Book:

Romance is a Bonus Book stars Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na-young. Lee Jong-suk's (Cha Eun-ho) and Lee Na-young's (Kang Dan-i) characters are best friends that have been close to each other since they were kids. When Cha Eun-ho was a kid, he was chasing a soccer ball that was accidentally kicked on the road and saw a car coming towards him at full-speed; Kang Dan-i rushed to push him out of the way, but unfortunately, got struck by the speeding car. Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun-ho bonded for over a year, as Kang Dan-i was healing from her injuries from the accident and Cha Eun-ho was helping her because of the sacrifice she made for him. They bonded through reading books and became best friends.

Fast forward to their adult lives, Kang Dan-i is a single mother, divorced, and is working hard to get back into the workforce in the advertising industry, as she took years off to focus on being a mother and wife. Cha Eun-ho is a Senior Editor at a publishing company, is a Professor at a university, and is a famous Author. The two had stayed in contact, but Cha Eun-ho will soon find out that Kang Dan-i had been living a different life than he expected.

Kang Dan-i ends up getting a temp job at Cha Eun-ho’s publishing company! Once the publishing company is presented in the show, many other side characters stories are presented as well. From Dan-i’s co-workers, supervisors, and her relationship with Cha Eun-ho, the stories of all these characters makes being in a library seem like the coolest place to work! It also seems to be a place where people can come together to learn about themselves, learn about their interests, and learn about how to move forward and into a bright future.

This K-Drama stands out because of the unique and funny supporting actors and actresses that make this drama really interesting! Every character is made at an extreme, in terms of personality, and the setting of the publishing company really makes the audience wonder how all these characters will get along or work things out with their own individual stories. This K-Drama is funny, relatable, inspiring and a must watch show!

One Spring Night:

One Spring Night stars Jung Hae-in and Han Ji-min. Jung Hae-in's (Yoo Ji-ho) and Han Ji-min's (Lee Jeong-in) characters in the K-Drama are tested by the power of love. Yoo Ji-ho is a pharmacist and holds a secret that is traditionally seen in Korea as a negative trait, when it comes to dating and marriage. Lee Jeong-in is a librarian who is starting to figure out who she is, what her future holds, and what she wants in life. One morning, on a rush to get to work, Lee Jeong-in meets Yoo Ji-ho at the pharmacy that he works in and asks if there is anything to help her with a hangover. Both Lee Jeong-in and Yoo Ji-ho sensed something was different in the air. After they met and from then on, both of them could not stop thinking about each other.

Fast forward to the moment when fate has brought Lee Jeong-in and Yoo Ji-ho together again and again; Yoo Ji-ho lives in the same apartment building as Lee Jeong-in’s friend/co-worker and Yoo Ji-ho plays in the same basketball league as Lee Jeong-in’s boyfriend. From Yoo Ji-ho’s secret life to Lee Jeong-in’s relationship status with her boyfriend and family issues, both find themselves the most comfortable when they are together and feel like they can be their complete selves without judgement.

Where do some of the most cute romantic scenes and character development scenes happen within this drama? You guessed it, at the library that Lee Jeong-in works at! The library seems to be the place where feelings are vented out, where loved ones come together, and where answers to many questions are found. Many supporting characters from the show come into the setting of Lee Jeong-in’s workplace. From her co-worker’s reassuring Lee Jeong-in of her thoughts and feelings twards Yoo Ji-ho and presenting his secret to Lee Jeong-in at her workplace reveals how effective the setting of the library can be to tie events together. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to work in a library that seems peaceful, has great co-workers to be around, and can be a place for friends and family to visit?

This K-Drama really keeps you at your heels wanting to watch every episode one right after the other! There are many twists, turns, and chances for audiences to feel the need to talk to the screen; As if they are telling someone in a horror movie not to make the wrong decision. Every character in this K-Drama has it’s high and low moments, and the way that everything ties together is original and thought provoking! From Lee Jeong-in to Yoo Ji-ho, from supporting actors and actresses personalities, to the unique stories and backgrounds of each character, this K-Drama will not only make you think and feel for their characters, but it reveals real life issues, thoughts, and feelings that are relatable. It is a K-Drama that will not disappoint!

Will these two K-Drama’s be on you Netflix list to watch?

Written by Jenna Tokioka

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