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A new trend of painting is through cubic painting, it helps you relieve stress, and it also comes with a complete set that all you need to do is sit down and complete at your own convenient time.

What's Inside 

  • Component: BTS Cubic Painting_3
  • Size: 50 x 40 cm
  • Inclusions: 
    Package Box
    Design Chart
    Three-legged Wall Ring
    Steel Wall Ring
    Horizontal Meter
    Tray Set
    Solid Glue
    Pen Set
    Pen Accessories Set

How to use 

1. Check the shape, cubic number, and canvas of the design.
2. Put the cubes in a tray and slightly shake left and right to align the cubes in a row.
3. Press the solid glue deeply on the pen.
4. Using the pen, after taking the solid glue, take one cube at a time and stick it to the canvas.
5. Peel the protective film slightly and stick the cubic.
6. After attaching all cubes, use a book and press it.

How to use the component

1. Use a ruler or a tape measure to mark the point where you want to fix it. Put the wall hook on the marked end. Tighten the screws using a hand screwdriver or an electric screwdriver.
2. Use a hammer to tap and hold where you want to attach your work. Note that the sharped part should be placed on the wall.
3. Once you're done fixing it to the wall, hang your work with the iron hook.
4. Using the level, place it on top of your painting; if the bubble is in the center, it is appropriately placed.

BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3
BTS Cubic Painting_3


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