Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak
Sweet Home Book Set - Daebak

Sweet Home Book Set

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    1st place in 11 countries around the world, a cartoon based on the popular Netflix original series, Sweet Home!

    From October 2017 to June 2020, Sweet Home, which was popularly published on Naver Webtoon, was published into six volumes. Sweet Home won the 2020 Today's Comic Award for its novel monster characters, intense suspense, and creepy production that takes your breath away.

    Sweet Home contains a fierce struggle between survivors who survived in an enclosed space and monsters that have changed bizarrely by reflecting their inner desires. Cha Hyun-soo, a reclusive loner who is exhausted from life and plans to commit suicide, faces the 'human monsterization situation' that suddenly began. The eerie monsters attack Hyun-soo with only simple desires. Hyun-soo saves his life with the help of survivors in the Green Home apartment. Can Hyun-soo and the survivors of Green Home survive to the end against monsters that do not die with scars?

    Author: Kim Kanbi
    He debuted in 2007 as a webtoon creative group Team Get Name starting with his debut film Professor Doll. He then released A Day of Excellence and Meloholic. Since then, he has mainly worked as a story writer and published City of the Dead Wizard, Freja Shik, and Unknown Code. He is currently writing the stories of Sweet Home, The Closed Man, and Pig Woori.
    Illustrator: Hwang Young-chan
    He debuted in 2009 with Biheon and in 2014, he collaborated with writer Kim Kanbi and released Freja Shik and Sweet Home.

    Book Name Author Publication Date Number of Pages Book size
    Sweet Home Book Set (1~3)
    Sweet Home Vol. 1 Kim Kanbi 2020-02-28 324 149 * 211 * 27 mm
    Sweet Home Vol. 2 Kim Kanbi 2020-02-28 276 150 * 210 * 22 mm
    Sweet Home Vol. 3 Kim Kanbi 2020-02-28 264 150 * 211 * 22 mm
    Sweet Home Book Set (4~6)
    Sweet Home Vol. 4 Kim Kanbi 2020-10-15 328 149 * 211 * 24 mm
    Sweet Home Vol. 5 Kim Kanbi 2020-10-15 324 149 * 210 * 25 mm
    Sweet Home Vol. 6 Kim Kanbi 2020-10-15 348 149 * 210 * 26 mm

    Sweet Home Set (1-3)Sweet Home Set (4-6)

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