LIFLA Vintage Label Diffuser 100ml - Daebak
LIFLA Vintage Label Diffuser 100ml - Daebak

LIFLA Vintage Label Diffuser 100ml

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  • 1 glass bottle + 100ml solution + 5 fiber sticks + paper box
  • In-house technology + safe ingredients
  • Use period of 2-3 months

- Subtle Scents -

  • Apple Tea - the combination of fresh apple scent and refreshing green tea scent; popular fruity series with no likes and dislikes
  • Elegance - luxurious fragrance with subtle and sophisticated feeling; soap, shower cologne, natural floral series
  • Alice - feels like standing in the middle of tulip field flowers and smelling the fragrance; subtle feminine tulip flower scent
  • April Lotus - reminiscent of a lotus flower floating on the water; fresh and cool floral scent
  • White Noel - white musk, jasmine, lilac, and mint scents; fresh and cool floral scent
  • Cosy Brown - what you can feel when applying oil to solid wood; soft and comfortable feeling; a subtle woody scent

- Rich Scents -

  • Bunch of Rose - the feeling of freshly picked rose like holding a bunch of million roses; vivid floral scent with realism such as petals and leaves
  • Pink Bouquet - the fresh and sweet feeling of peach and strawberry; a rich fruity scent
  • Rose & Bay - the sweet bay scent and the soft rose scent; luxurious and unique flavor; sweet floral scent with a sophisticated feel
  • Moringa Forest - full of fresh and dark scent of trees in the deep forest; mystical moringa's green scent
  • Real Grapefruit - fresh grapefruit juice; real grapefruit citrus scent with a fresh and exhilarating juicy feeling
  • Amberwood - a woody scented classic blended with three types of wood, pumpkin, and musk; heavy wood and amber scent
  • Midnight Blue - the smell of dark soil, rain, and wood in the cold air of dawn after raining; sandalwood, lily, and jasmine
  • Bijarim Forest - the feeling when you take a deep breath in the middle of Jeju Island's Bijarim Forest; cool and refreshing forest scent

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