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Joseon Ilwol Obongdo Eco Bag

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It is an eco-bag with the Ilwol Obongdo printed in gold on 10 cotton cloth. Ilwol Obongdo is a painting that symbolizes the sun, the moon, and the five mountain peaks as the theme of the king.

In Ilwol Obongdo, if the king achieves the harmony of yin and yang, upholds the laws of heaven, and diligently plays the role of father of the people by equipping himself with the spirit of humanity and wisdom. It contains the meaning that the whole world will be prosperous as the energy of life is spread evenly like a waterfall.

What's Inside

  • Component: (1) Joseon Ilwol Obongdo Eco Bag
  • Size: 
    [Product] 375x310mm
    [Package] 310x310mm
  • Material:
    [Product] 10 cotton cloth (100% cotton)
    [Package] OPP plastic bag

Joseon Ilwol Obongdo Eco Bag

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