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Lacquered Spoon & Chopsticks Set

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These are lacquered spoon and chopsticks with natural patterns and luster! It's made with traditional lacquer materials from start to finish. Add a touch of style to your dining table with this lacquered spoon and chopsticks set!

What's Inside

Component: (1) Lacquered Spoon & Chopsticks Set
Materials: Solid wood, Raw lacquer
Size: Spoon 235mm, Chopsticks 230mm, Package 85x280x30mm


How to store/use:
1. Avoid rough scrubbers and dishwashers.
2. When rice grass or food is attached, soak it in water for a while to remove it.
Note: There may be slight differences depending on the condition of the wood and the manual work.

Lacquered Spoon & Chopsticks Set 

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