5 Funniest Run BTS Episodes

5 Funniest Run BTS Episodes - The Daebak Company

That cosy feeling of watching Run! BTS episodes whilst sitting on the couch in your comfiest pyjamas, eating ramen, or holding a bag of snacks… The South Korean reality show, Run! BTS is back with new episodes and currently has over 155 episodes for you to enjoy!

Each episode follows the seven members as they participate in different games and challenging activities. Loved by both BTS and ARMY, the show is a fun way to get to know the members’ off-stage personalities and the group’s epic dynamic. From pyjama parties to zombie invasions, here are five episodes of Run BTS that sum up what the variety show has to offer!

5 Funniest Run BTS Episodes:

Is it your first time watching a Run BTS ep? BTS run episodes are definitely a way for you to get to know the members. It's always nice to start with BTS Run episode 1 and play all the Run BTS episodes list! 

Every episode is special, but some are just gold with lines, memes, and clips that have now been part of ARMYs and BTS inside jokes! Search for the show's episodes and play them to get you laughing at any time. 

1. Run! BTS Episode 20- ‘The Taste of Korea’

First on the Run BTS episode list is ‘The Taste of Korea.’ As many know, some BTS members are not the best at cooking, while others are very good at it. The episode sees the members participate in a cooking competition grouped into two teams, and seeing how they manage the task is hilarious! 

The BTS Run ep features moments, like V devoting a humorous amount of time to pouring sauce into a squirrel-shaped dish, which is larger than the main dish! Nowadays, fans post tons of edits of this episode even years after this aired. 

2. Run! BTS Episode 24- ‘BTS vs Zombies’

Episode 24 is packed with action, screams, and laughter from the beginning to the very end. At the start of the episode, J-hope loses his shoe as the members are surprised by a zombie attack…they were told they were visiting a night-time safari for the series' episode. 

The chaos began as the BTS stars had to complete tasks to escape the haunted house amid zombies wandering around and scaring them. It was really funny to see how the members thought of different ways to avoid the zombies, such as Jin and Yoongi pretending to be one of the zombie actors!

3. Run! BTS Episode 41- ‘Golden Bell’

The ‘Golden Bell’ episode, where the famous phrase known amongst ARMY as ‘lajibolala’ was born. In this episode, the boys are split into two teams to compete with each other in 7 different games. All of the games require them to work together in their teams to compete.

The last game they play is so chaotic. It’s basically the boys shouting at each other and frantically trying to figure out what they’re saying. Whilst trying to pass down the given word to each other, they were using headphones that play loud music. 

It’s so funny hearing the words they pass down to each other. Sometimes they pass and receive the words down correctly, whilst other times the words keep changing as they give them through the members! 

4. Run! BTS Episode 97 & 98- ‘Pyjama Party’

In this episode, the BTS members host a pyjama party while they play fun games and talk about their memories of when they used to live together in their dorms during their rookie days. The boys also make comical attempts at ASMR. The BTS members also look so cosy in this episode wearing their PJs! 

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5. Run! BTS Episode 131 & 132- ‘77 Minute Debate’

Although each Run! BTS episode is humorous in its own way. The 77-minute debate episodes are totally chaotic!

The boys are asked to debate for 77 minutes on 7 different topics, giving eleven minutes for each topic. However, the members write ‘Run BTS’ on their palms at the beginning of the episode. The member with the clearest writing by the end of the debate wins! 

Sounds simple right? Not so fast! The members are tortured with water jets splashing them left and right, or bucketloads of water splashed over their heads every time they speak the ‘forbidden word’ or do the ‘forbidden action.’

By the fourth round of debates, the members catch on to the ‘forbidden words’ and ‘forbidden actions’ as they soon start pressing the trigger intentionally to trouble the other members!

So, which episode is on the list of 5 funniest Run! BTS will you begin watching? Remember to grab some snacks before you begin, such as this BTS Snack Pack, for you and some ARMY friends. 

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