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24 Hours in Gangneung - The Daebak Company

Have you ever been to the east side of South Korea? Unsure of what there is? Fear no more! Here is an itinerary of a full day in the city of Gangneung. Now you may wonder where exactly is Gangneung? Gangneung is a small city full of history, but also modern-day views. This is where you will see locations that are famous. Two of which that I had the opportunity to visit are the BTS bus stop and the famous Kdrama image of where 도깨비(Guardian) was filmed.

First off, transportation is literally the biggest part when traveling to Gangneung. Nothing is a better way to travel there than to take a public bus. Buses there are the most convenient and definitely on time. They are the absolute best! All you have to do is book your ticket the day before, pick your seat, pay, and you are all set!

Ojukheon – A museum where history awaits! This museum is a must with its beautiful buildings. This location is where you learn about different scholars from different dynasties. A great place to visit if you are looking for a calm morning activity to start your day.

Just a note once you arrive in Gangneung, the best way to travel is by taking a taxi, which isn’t pricey at all. By going to the places listed in this blog, the most you would spend is 20,000-25,000 won. Busses there just take two times as long to get to a destination.

Chodang Tofu Village – Do you love soondubu jjigae? Then you should head to the Chodang Tofu Village for lunch! Where you will find 초당할머니순두부 (Chodang Grandmother’s Soondubu). This place has delicious, soft, fluffy, tofu stew that melts as it hits your mouth.

Gelateria – After some spicy soondubu, it’s time to cool down with some soondubu gelato. With many different flavors, this gelato is rich, creamy, but also with a hint of tofu to it. You can’t miss it since it’s located within the village itself.

Anmok Beach – Only a couple of minutes away, you reach Anmok Beach where they are known for these seaside cafes. Grab a coffee, sit for a bit, and enjoy the views before heading out.

도깨비(Guardian) Pier - As you drive along the beach, up north is where you will find the famous Korean drama image taken for the drama "Guardian". You can take pictures there but at your own risk. Sometimes the waves can get pretty rough especially during high tides. So, don't forget to look at the time of high and low tides.

Following that as the sun begins to set, you can find yourself ending at the BTS bus stop. This unique bus stop is where BTS sat for their concept photo. This is a unique place that is pretty difficult to find, so do a bit of research on Instagram and the web before showing your taxi driver where to go.

If you only have 24 hours in Gangneung, feel free to take some of these places and visit in whichever order you decide.

Let’s go go go!

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