Intro to NewJeans Members

Intro to NewJeans Members - The Daebak Company

On August 1st, the new K-POP group NewJeans debuted through their EP “New Jeans.” NewJeans is a five-member girl group under ADOR, a South Korean record sub-label by HYBE, and managed by Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin. NewJeans is the first kpop group announced by ADOR, thus, the girls have already gained lots of attention even before their debut. 

On July 22, NewJeans released the music video of their lead track “Attention.” Let’s take a closer look at the NewJeans members!


Meet the NewJeans Members


Birthday: May 7, 2004

Minji is a South Korea member of NewJeans as well as the leader of the group. As some fans might remember, in 2021, Minji has already made a guest appearance on the music video of BTS’s “Permission to Dance.”

NewJeans member Minji


Birthday: October 6, 2004

Hanni is a Vietnamese-Australian NewJeans member and she is the main dancer of the group. She has also made a guest appearance on “Permission to Dance” music video together with Minji.

NewJeans member Hanni


Birthday: April 11, 2005

Danielle is a South Korean-Australian member of NewJeans. Her performance in the “Attention” music video is impressive and one particular scene has become quite popular over the internet.

NewJeans member Danielle


Birthday: May 15, 2006

Haerin is a South Korean NewJeans member. Born in 2006, she is the second youngest member in the group.

NewJeans member Haerin


April 21, 2008

Hyein is a South Korean member of New Jeans and she is the maknae, the youngest member, of the group. She is a former member of the kid girl group USSO.GIRL.

NewJeans member Hyein

Where to Buy NewJeans Merch?

Above are all of the members of NewJeans. Stay hyped and look forward to their further activities! If you’d like to support NewJeans, visit Daebak’s website to pre-order their new album! There are also many other amazing kpop merch on this online store.


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