Happenings on the Han River: Have a Picnic during the Jamsugyo Bridge Festival

Happenings on the Han River: Have a Picnic during the Jamsugyo Bridge Festival - The Daebak Company

Hanging out on the banks of the Han River in Seoul has become a pastime for residents and visitors. It’s a great place to relax and have fun with friends. 

Now there’s a new experience to enjoy along the Han River. Every Sunday from August 28 to October 30th, the Jamsugyo Bridge will be turned into a pedestrian bridge for the Jamsugyo Bridge Festival.

About the Jamsugyo Bridge Festival

Han River during sunrise

The Jamsugyo Bridge sits below the Banpodaegyo Bridge. Jamsugyo means “submersible”. This bridge was specifically designed to be a low-lying bridge that can be lowered into the Han River to help slow flooding. 

People who walk across the bridge during the festival can enjoy the food stalls and flea markets. They will even have outdoor movie theaters and live shows to watch. 

One of the highlights of visiting the Jamsugyo Bridge is finding a spot to have a picnic. Let The Daebak Company get you prepared for your weekend hangout at the Jamsugyo Bridge. 

Korean Snacks for Picnics

The Daebak Company has so many choices of yummy Korean snacks in their snack shop. For a nice sweet and salty treat, the honey butter chips will be a favorite. 

Don’t get caught in those long lines for the outdoor ramen shops that line the Han River. You can get the same popular ramen sold at the shops from The Daebak Company

For a spicy kick, try the Fire Chicken Stir-Fried Ramen. You can grab the Black Bean Ramen pack for a more classic and mild flavor. Complete your ramen meal with some kimchi and rice!

Looking to indulge in snacks that your fave BTS members love? The BTS Snack Pack is a perfect choice for your picnic at the Jamsugyo bridge. The snack pack even comes with a borahae purple shoulder bag to carry your treats.

Not sure what you’ll be in the mood for? The SnackFever Box gives you a wide variety of yummy snacks to experience. Have fun trying different snacks with your friends to see which ones you like the most. 

If you want to keep the fun going, you can get a SnackFever Box sent to your door every month! 

Picnic Basket Must Haves

Stocking your picnic baskets with a few essentials ensures you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your time by the Jamsugyo Bridge this Fall. 

Picnic Table

Want to keep those delectable Korean snacks away from hungry critters on the ground? Pack this BT21 folding picnic table to place your food and drink on. 

Complete the cute BT21 picnic set with the bag, mug, and mat, so you have everything you need to have a great picnic. 

Picnic Chair

Take a load off by settling into a cozy BTS Butter-themed chair. It’s portable and includes a waterproof mat to spread your Korean snacks on. 

Picnic Blanket

You and your friends will need a soft place to land after walking across the Jamsugyo Bridge. The Old Palace Tour Picnic mat has a design inspired by traditional patterns used in Korean palace architecture. 

Looking for a traditional design but a softer place to rest? The Palace Excursion knitted blanket is a great option. 

Picnic Umbrella

It’s common for people in Korea to carry around umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun or sporadic rain showers. Don’t forget to pack one in your picnic basket just in case! 

WIGGLE WIGGLE has fun designs like flowers and bears that protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. BT21 has an ultralight umbrella that won’t weigh down your picnic basket when it’s full of tasty Korean snacks.

There’s always something new happening in and around Seoul, so make time to enjoy some fun at the Han River during the Jamsugyo Bridge Festival with the best Korean snacks and picnic items to make the experience one to never forget. 


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