All About the Brand: SPAO

All About the Brand: SPAO - The Daebak Company

Have you ever heard of the clothing brand SPAO? If you’re a fan of many SM artists, chances are that you might have! SPAO first launched in 2009 with its first location in Myeongdong and began a joint venture with SM Entertainment. Many of the brand models have been from SM such as Girls Generation, Super Junior, and EXO.

In the past, an Everysing store operated by SM used to be featured at the Myeongdong branch. Everysing sold merchandise such as CDs and other celebrity goods bringing in younger audiences for SPAO. With much success, the brand was able to make as much as two billion won in the first month. The parent group of SPAO is E-Lang Group, which is a conglomerate based in Seoul owning as many as 60 companies such as KWSISS. SPAO has many affordable pieces of clothing and is popular for its many collaborations.

  • General Information

With more than 100 stores and branches, SPAO has grown and offers a wide selection of basic items for men and women. The brand has been compared to other companies such as Uniqlo and has a diverse range of models. Even though the target audience is teens, other age groups from those in their twenties up to their fifties enjoy shopping here as well. There are also times where the brand will hold annual or surprise sales on top of their already affordable prices. Items such as activewear, kids’ clothing, and accessories are also sold alongside their main clothing pieces. Most items range from 20,000 to 40,000 won (about $16 to $32 USD) with some items such as outerwear reaching around 100,000 won (about $81 USD). Sets, like their pajama sets, are sold as well for great prices. SPAO is considered fast fashion and sells its products based on the demands of shoppers.

  • Collaborations

SPAO has collaborated with many brands and companies such as Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. With these companies, they have created products ranging from robes, scarfs, cardigans, and makeup. Some of their most recent collaborations have been with the Frozen and Teletubies franchises. These collections are typically available for a limited time and are sold in Korea.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

K-pop stars have been endorsement models, but there have also been special collections released by the clothing company. SM boy group EXO has had their own items with special t-shirts and pieces in a past collection. Even though SPAO has special connections to SM, it also deals with celebrities from different companies as well. For instance, Big Bang themed shirts have been sold by the company. BT21, curated by BTS and LINE FRIENDS, is the latest collection relating to another artist.

While SPAO initially started off as a joint business with SM and focused on collaborations, it has developed into a staple clothing brand that has simple everyday clothes for people of all ages and genders. Most items at SPAO are affordable and the quality is as high and competative on the market. If you have not purchased anything from SPAO, the brand is definitely worth checking out!

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Written By Monica Park

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